The Sounds of Pixel Pulse Radio – Pixel Pulse Radio


Now listeners all around the world can download the beautiful and sensual sounds of Pixel Pulse Radio. Want to dance? Want to play? Want to weep as you hold a brief moment of introspection? Well then, here is your soundtrack.

Who inspired The Sound of Music, you ask? This track. What hot beat was George Washington blasting on his Bluetooth speakers as he was leading the Continental Army across the Delaware River? Yes, this track. What melody was Da Vinci’s violinist shredding while the Mona Lisa was being painted? You already know.

Included in this download is 55 seconds of pure bliss.

Please Note: We have compiled our music into a single download. If for some reason you love our music so much that you might die if you don’t have each individual audio track, then rejoice – we have left space in the file so that you can grab each piece of music separately with a free music software application like Audacity. Enjoy!

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