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This week, Colin writes in – just like you can by emailing [email protected] or by reaching out to us on Twitter – and asks, “What are your favorite games of all time?”


Favorite Games of All Time, huh? Its a hot-topic. Its all the rage in the podcasting realm. It gives us a chance to share a part of ourselves – the games that have shaped us.

It is important to note that these are not the most important games of all time, nor are they the best (well, maybe some of them are)… These are the games that impacted us the most.

Its very difficult to narrow down so many games into a top 5. There are so many incredible games that have graced the video game industry. For Alex, he asked “What games gave me the most fun experience when they released? How do they feel when I go back to play them?” The latter question can sometimes be unfair to older games, as technology and game development tools are constantly evolving and improving, so take that with a grain of salt. Brandon narrowed down his list by simply asking, “What have I played that has impacted me the most?”

Okay, we’ll at least give you a few hints as to what you can expect from our Top 5 lists… Nintendo, Rare Ltd., Square Enix, and Blizzard all make appearances!


So we played Star Wars Battlefront. Well, the beta. People have been asking how it was. Well, people, we thought it was a lot of fun. We dive into what made it so fun.


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