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Star Wars: Battlefront and Video Game Sequels – Episode 6 – Show Notes:

Heads up: Due to circumstances beyond our control (Mrs. Van Aken’s birthday), we are recording this episode early! Therefore, we aren’t covering video game news this week. We are shaking up the show structure for Episode 6. I know, it’s crazy.

Winter is coming, and so is Jergens Shea Butter. Christmas season is pretty much here, and Alex is one of those crazy people who decorate early. Hazel keeps climbing the Christmas tree. Brandon had a beard catastrophe. Update on Carnation Poo Alert 2015.

Star Wars: Battlefront! It’s here, and holy cow is it a ton of fun. Are these the best darn explosions in a video game? Is the game too shallow? Battlefront is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Especially when you are annihilating rebels as Boba Fett. We’ve only played about a week and we already have some awesome stories to share. Also, Ewoks!

Alex was perusing Reddit and found some great questions. Reddit user Beatr1ce asks, “Can you name some good video game soundtracks?” Why yes Beatrice, we can. Thomas Was Alone and Halo both made the list; as well as a few others. Reddit user Jjopm asks, “What’s the most addictive mobile game you’ve ever played?” Brandon doesn’t play many mobile games, but Alex does. Well, kinda. Hear some of Alex’s favorite mobile games such as Beat Hazard Ultra or Clash of Clans, as well as some more interesting titles. A certain someone’s iTunes purchase history may or may not have been highlighted.

John writes in – just like you can by emailing [email protected] – and asks, “What are some games you want to see a remake/sequel of?” Brandon, yet again, mentions Red Dead Redemption. It seems he likes that game, doesn’t it? Alex rambles off a few questionable titles, as well as some good suggestions like Left 4 Dead, Splinter Cell, and Warcraft.

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