The Thanksgiving Special – Episode 7 – Pixel Pulse Radio


We know you all came here for turkey talk; but first, let’s talk about some quick video game news (we have to keep you informed, of course):

PS2 Emulation has been confirmed to be in development on PS4! This is neat. What games will you play first?:

Thanks to IGN, we have access to 9 new minutes Unravel. This looks gorgeous and fun. The gameplay mechanics look intriguing.

Old news, but we got 11 minutes of gameplay for [email protected]’s Cuphead:

Halo 5’s Battle of Shadow and Light content update has released! Big team battle, 4 new forge maps, and 48 new requisition cards. Stoked.


What have we been playing? Well, you guessed it… Fallout 4. Also, Halo 5. And even more Fallout 4 on top of that. Alex has been bragging about his Fallout settlement again.


It’s Thanksgiving week! Thanksgiving a.k.a. the day after Alex’s 24th Birthday, is the reason for the season. We celebrate this wonderful day of gluttony and shame by ranking Thanksgiving dishes, reading through HILARIOUS Yahoo Answers (, and of course giving thanks. We talk about Black Friday, too! Is it necessary? Is it good? Is it bad? We break it all down!

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Alex @itsVanAken; Brandon @digital_visions




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