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Last night, Geoff Keighley hosted The Game Awards 2015. The awards show highlighted the latest and best in gaming, as well as honoring industry leaders past and present such as Westwood Studios and the late Satoru Iwata. While suffering a few hiccups here and there, overall, the show went off without a hitch. The Game Awards were filled with poignant speeches, interesting announcements, and – most importantly – a unifying and celebratory spirit. Pixel Pulse Radio breaks it all down:

World Premieres and Announcements:

Let’s start with the new stuff:

  • Uncharted 4: New Character – Nathan & New Female Character fighting in a study. Followed up by Uncharted gameplay montage.
  • Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn – Shaq walked on the stage and pulled an Oprah. A great example of how the show balanced seriousness and silliness.
  • Batman Telltale Games Series – Is this one of the two new DC Comics games that WB has been teasing? A Batman Telltale Game grabs my attention quite vigorously.
  • FarCry Primal – The protagonist is a cave man named Takkar. He is a beast master, and thus holds the ability to tame and control animals. The environments look interesting enough.
  • PsychoNauts 2 was announced – …Thats pretty much it. The Internet is happy.
  • Quantum Break – “Growing fracture of time leading to the end of time”
  • Rock Band VR Coming to Oculus Rift
  • Shadow Complex Remastered – Completely free for a limited time (
  • Rocket League Coming to Xbox One in February 2016 – Exclusive vehicles include Gears of War Armadillo/Halo Warthog
  • The Walking Dead Michonne teaser trailer – we love Michonne and are interested to see where Telltale takes her story.

“Best Of” Winners:

  • Best Family Game – Super Mario Maker
  • Best Multiplayer – Splatoon
  • Best Mobile Handheld – Lara Croft Go
  • Best Narrative – Her Story
  • Best Indie Game – Rocket League
  • Best Sports Racing Game – Rocket League
  • Developer of the Year – CD Projekt Red
  • Best Art Direction – Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Best Action Adventure Game – Metal Gear Solid V*
  • Best RPG – The Witcher 3
  • Best Fighting Game – Mortal Combat X
  • Best Soundtrack: Metal Gear Solid V
  • Best Performance – Viva Seifert (Her Story)
  • Game of the Year – The Witcher 3

*It should be noted that Konami banned Hideo Kojima from attending The Game Awards 2015. Therefore, he was not present to accept the award himself. Konami is the worst.

The Game Awards were fantastic this year and Pixel Pulse Radio is looking forward to see many more of them. It should be said that Reggie’s (Nintendo) remembrance speech for Satoru Iwata was beautiful and poignant. Greg Miller from was awarded Trending Gamer of 2015. His speech was graceful, and it most certainly elevated this award ceremony to another level.


For the Consumer: PS Plus December Line-Up:

For PS4: Gauntlet: Slayer Edition; King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember

For PS3: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon; SSX

For PS Vita: Freedom Wars; Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken


What Have We Been Playing?

Brandon finished Halo 5: Guardians. Since then, he has been going back to clear out his backlog. He finished Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (to clear the way for Black Ops 3), and is playing through Battlefield: Hardline’s campaign.

Alex bought a Nathan Drake PS4 bundle over the weekend and shares his experiences with the new console. He has been playing Rocket League, near religiously; as well as some good ol’ depressing Bloodborne.


For the Road:

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