Online Aliases and More Nintendo NX – Episode 14 – Pixel Pulse Radio



We Are the Dwarves looks neat. Dwarf fantasy meets sci-fi astronaut shenanigans. Gameplay looks like Diablo.

The Division will receive 3 paid expansions. Included will be 3 main expansions. Expansion I: Underground; Expansion II: Survival (survive as long as possible in hostile environment); and Expansion III: Last Stand (no details). Also, free updates will compliment paid expansions.

Song of the Deep reveal – Published by Gamestop? Weird. Story is about a woman searching for her father under the sea.

Rumor: NX to launch with Super Smash Bros. No details if this is a port or a completely new sequel.

Detective Pikachu (3DS) Trailer: is this like L.A. Noire? or point-and-click adventure game maybe?

#Pokemon20: Pokemon Super Bowl Commercial; 20th Anniversary of Pokemon: This will be a big year for Pokemon. NX launch with Pokemon and Super Smash Bros?

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