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Today we are joined by Twitch Streamer, Co-Founder of Knerds Online, and IGN’s own, Sean Pitts.


Playstation VR releases October 2016 for $399 (kind of). Move controllers don’t seem to be mandatory, but recommended. PS camera required but sold separately. Playstation VR’s processing unit doesn’t add extra power to the PS4; instead it handles PSVR’s 3D audio, external screen processing, and cinema mode. 50 VR games expected to launch between October and end of 2016, including a Star Wars VR game. Will you be buying a Playstation VR unit?

Xbox has announced cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC (starting with Rocket League)… Weird verbiage present regarding an open invitation to “other platforms.” Sony not ready to commit presumably due to reasons regarding legal and business logistics.

Game Informer is running a month-long piece on Gears of War 4, and The Coalition has showed off new weapons and enemies, including the Dropshot and Buzzkill. A Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta is coming April 18 – May 1 for Ultimate Edition Players // (April 24 for select XBL users). 30 FPS campaign, 60 FPS multiplayer.

Bioshock Collection surfaces on Taiwanese website, including box art.

Below is coming to Xbox One and Steam this summer. Capybara Games has released a new trailer for the game, too.

The winner for Pixel Pulse Radio’s giveaway of Tom Clancy’s The Division is Paul M. from Kings Park, NY. Go wish Paul a congratulations over on Twitter: @TheGamerDude100.

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