Playstation 4.5 and the Death of Wii U – Episode 21 – Pixel Pulse Radio


Show Notes:

Alex challenges Brandon to a game of “JRPG or Fake?” Brandon has to guess whether 5 JRPG titles are real or fake. He does surprisingly decent.


The rumored Playstation 4.5 has been reported to be real. Essentially, it’s a more powerful console with capabilities to play games in a 4K resolution format. Sony has also opened up a new studio specifically for mobile gaming. 

Rockstar has re-released Bully and Manhunt for the Playstation 4. Brandon is happy.

The newest Xbox One firmware update brings the long-awaited feature that allows users to buy Xbox 360 games from the Xbox One digital store; 16-player party chat; Twitch/party chat integration; and a few more minor updates. Xbox’s Games with Gold line-up for April is KILLER: The Wolf Among Us, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space, and Saints Row IV. Wow.

Nintendo is reportedly sunsetting production of the Wii U by the end of 2016. What does this mean for all of the games slated to release on the platform this year? 

Weekly Reflections

Alex: Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (X360)

Brandon: Destruction Derby (PS1)

Weekly Recommendations:

Alex: Tumbleofmumbles 

Brandon: The Hacksmith 

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