What We Want from Titanfall 2 – Episode 24 – Pixel Pulse Radio


Show Notes:


Respawn dropped the first Titanfall 2 teaser trailer. We don’t know much about the game, except for the fact that THERE WILL BE MECH SWORDS!!! Yes, you heard us right, your dreams are coming true. What do we want from Titanfall 2?  Heavy robot customization, an actual story mode, and a greater variety of weapons. Of course, Brandon makes Voltron references.

The upcoming Witcher 3 expansion has a potential release date of June 7th.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst’s beta begins April 22, lasts for 5 days.

Dig the new Dr. Strange trailer. We like the movie’s darker tone. Brings more variety to the MCU.

Spider-Man reboot gets official title… Spider-Man: Homecoming

Another trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has been released.

What Have We Been Playing?

Both Alex and Brandon have really been enjoying their time with The Culling (Steam), which is an arena combat survival game. Listen to the episode for their full impressions!

Weekly Recommendations

Check out ThreadBanger, which is an awesome YouTube Channel. Also, check out Ally Mushka’s Dark Souls Lore video.

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