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Is Uncharted Overrated? – Episode 28 – Show Notes:

This week we welcome our friend, Blessing Adeoye, Jr. from ok.beast. and The People podcast.


Civilization 6 was announced.

EA confirmed that a Battlefront sequel will be coming in 2017.

  • “We’ll most likely have one Star Wars title a year for the next three to four years,” said Blake Jorgensen, EA’s chief financial officer
  • 2016: Battlefront PSVR Experience, 2017: Battlefront 2, 2018: Visceral’s 3rd person Star Wars game (led by Amy Hennig)

Mass Effect: Andromeda was delayed until 2017.

Left 4 Dead and Evolve developers, Turtle Rock Studios, is working on a a brand spanking new IP.

Disney is officially putting an end to Disney Infinity.

The trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie was released.

Doom and Uncharted 4 were both released this week.

What Have We Been Playing?

We’ve all been totally engulfed by Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta. It’s still absolutely amazing. Alex and Blessing have also been playing the Uncharted series and Blessing has been playing Severed.

For the Road

Weekly Recommendations – Alex: My Epic’s new Viscera EP; Brandon:; Blessing: OnePeople

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