Rocket League Review


[WWJP is a discontinued series of video reviews done by yours truly (Blessing)]

What is it?

In Rocket League, you use rocket powered cars in order to play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 games of soccer. That’s basically the whole premise of the game.

How is it?

Rocket League is some of the most fun that I’ve had in a multiplayer game. The concept is simple, but I’ve been playing Rocket League for over half a year at this point and it is still somehow fun. I find myself becoming better with each match, and to this day, I’m still learning new techniques and strategies.

Rocket League comes complete with customization for your car, online and local multiplayer, a single player season mode, multiple arenas and more.

At first glance, Rocket League appears to be barely controlled chaos. And that is correct to some extent. The more players that are in a game, the more chaotic it is. However, the better you get at Rocket League, the more you figure out exactly how to gain control of a match. Rocket League is about positioning. It’s about timing. It’s about foresight. And it’s about execution. In many cases it’s about teamwork. There’s only one objective which is to get the ball in the other player’s goal. But to carry this out, the player has to be proactive, or in other words, on the ball.

There are a few key elements that players need to pay attention to. What may be the most important is boost. Having boost gives you multiple advantages in a match. Boost allows you to hit the ball at a faster speed, transition to defense faster, fly to the ball for an aerial hit and more. Making choices about how you choose to use your boost can very well determine your victory or defeat. Mix this in with the front flips that can give you a slight speed boost, back flips which can stop you in your tracks, and other types of aerial movements, the amount of movement at your disposal is vital to success. Mastering Rocket League is fun. Half a year later it is still fun. Playing with friends online is fun. Reliable servers have allowed the online game to stay amazing. There are few bad things I could say about Rocket League.

That being said, my only wish for Rocket League would be that it had more features. Rocket League’s post-launch support has been amazing, so over time this is an issue that has gradually been resolved and continues to be. I could only imagine what Rocket League would look like given the budget of a triple a game. That just goes to show the power of indie developers in today’s age.


Rocket League is awesome. It does what games are supposed to do which is provide me with a good time. It is fun and months after playing somehow manages to stay fun. I can’t see myself deleting Rocket League from my PlayStation hard drive any time in the near future. It’s one of those games that I just have to keep going back to. So with that said, I would recommend the game to anyone to play. It’s an awesome experience that is worth your time.


This piece was written by Blessing Adeoye. You can find Blessing on the internet either getting into dance battles or analyzing game culture for the purpose of making the world a better place at @blessingjr on the Twittersphere.

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