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Dark Souls and Old School Gaming – Episode 30 – Show Notes:

This week we welcome Brandon’s old friend, Jimmy. We talk about old school gaming, cool memories, and the Video Game Crash of 1983. Brandon and Jimmy play a game of “What Game is That?!” where Brandon reads bullet points from the backs of old school game boxes and Jimmy tries to guess the game. It was fun! That and much more on this episode of PPR!


A Nintendo financial report rumors that they’re working on a new handheld device codenamed MH (or Meh!).

Initial numbers seem to indicate that Uncharted 4 seems to be outpacing Week 1 sales of Halo 5.

Rocket League becomes the first cross-platform game between Xbox One and PC.

Games with Gold for JuneGoat Simulator, The Crew, Super Meatboy, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

What Have We Been Playing?

Alex: Overwatch and Uncharted 2 & 3 (Road to UC4)

Brandon: Overwatch!!!

Jimmy: Dark Souls 3 and Salt & Sanctuary

For the Road

Weekly Recommendations – Alex: Overwatch Shorts; Brandon: ColinFurze; Jimmy: Amazon Video Game Forum

Twitter/Instagram: Alex is @itsVanAken; Brandon is @digital_visions; Jimmy believes that social media is the scourge of the world.

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  1. Spudkitty says

    Loved … loved … loved this episode. Jimmy is amazing! Hope he comes back to Pixel Plus soon. Really enjoyed the stories of early gaming years, a fun friendship, and all the Dark Souls conversation. Plus, now I don’t feel so guilty reserving the company’s board room for … shhhhhhhh … watching E3 on a big screen with selected ‘invitees.’ You guys all rocked!!!

    1. Alex says

      Thanks for the kind words Spudkitty! This was a fun episode to record! Stoked for E3, too.

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