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Episode 33 – Show Notes:

This week we welcome Chase Williams, producer from indie game studio, Hellfire Games. We discuss the creative process in indie games and Chase’s personal pursuits… his podcast, Witty Banter, and his Twitch channel, BodaciousChase.


Rogue One Characters Details Revealed, Darth Vader Confirmed

Spiderman E3 Demo was running on a current PS4 Unit

Wildlands Running on GeForce 1080 at E3

Halo 5 Grunt Mech Suit & Wasp Vehicle

Watch Dogs 2 Won’t Have Ubisoft’s Infamous Tower Climbing Mechanic

Steam Summer Picnic Sale Has Started

Happy 20th Anniversary to the N64!!!

What Have We Been Playing?

Alex: PlayStation VR

Brandon: Overwatch, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, The Crew

Chase: Dark Souls 3, Hyper Light Drifter, Persona 4 Golden

For the Road

Weekly Recommendations – Alex: JoseBernabe_J on Instagram; Brandon:; Chase: Aesthetic Theory and the Video Game*

Twitter/Instagram: Alex is @itsVanAken; Brandon is @digital_visions

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