I Don’t Play Overwatch Anymore


Okay, I lied. I do play Overwatch still… but not as much as before and here is why.

When Overwatch was first released I would stay up for hours playing.  I would lose sleep because I was thinking of different strategies and the skins I could win…but things have changed.  Only one month after the games release I am not as interested in playing…but I realized thats okay.  Overwatch can, over time, become stagnant and boring.  With only 3 game types it can become apparent that while its gameplay loop is satisfying it can become repetitive.  However, it is the Overwatch community and professional tournaments that keeps me interested for more.

When Overwatch was released many were excited for its gameplay but an even larger community was excited for its characters.  With each cinematic trailer that was released more intrigue was built around the Overwatch roster and how they are all connected.  And with intrigue comes creativity.  As I was on Reddit and Twitter I would see a cornucopia of Overwatch fan art.  When I started searching I saw everything ranging from web comics, to realistic portraits, to alternate skin designs.  This artwork is a testament to the community interest in the characters and the mysterious world Blizzard has created.


Overwatch is a game that is drenched in personality.  When the game was released the community latched on to these characters and started to create jokes of their own.  These jokes and memes have given the game another layer of entertainment for me.  For example, I had no interest in trying D. Va.  But when I saw a piece of fan art of her chugging Mountain Dew and telling people to “git gud” I knew I had to try her for myself.    Each region of the world has created their own form of inside jokes for different characters.  Some artists have even began pairing up the Overwatch heroes into romantic pairings (wait who is Bastion dating?   The bird?  Oh god.)  But inside jokes and art are not the only Overwatch content I am looking out for. tumblr_o8el6npaWs1uciaaco1_540

With ranked play soon approaching more professional tournaments are being held around the world.  These tournaments bring us clips of high level play and new strategies.  They reinvigorate my interest in the game and make me want to emulate highly skilled players.  As a former League of Legends player I have been looking for a game that will scratch my competitive itch while also satisfying my strategic play style.  Every week users on reddit have been debating the current meta and have been posting different strategies for different maps.  This ever changing strategy and highly skilled play is what will make me want to return to Overwatch as the months progress.


Even though Overwatch doesn’t have much staying power right now its community has picked up its slack.  Blizzard has created an amazing platform to further develop and I am excited to see its future developments.  But for now I am just going to look at this fan art and wait for the next character to be released.

This article was written by Ian Preschel. He can be found on Twitter @IanWhyNot and for more thoughts on video games check out @OKBeastNow.

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