Composing Video Game Music and Pokémon: GO – Episode 34 – Pixel Pulse Radio


Composing Video Game Music and Pokémon: GO – Show Notes 

Charlie McCarron from Composer Quest joins us this week to talk about composing video game music, Pokémon: GO, and a ton more. Do us a favor and tell Charlie you appreciated him coming on the show by tweeting him, here.

News Stories:

Xbox Ultimate Games Sale

Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption Xbox backwards compatibility – sales of the 360 copy have jumped by over 6000%.

MSFT adding wheelchair options for in-game Xbox avatars 

MSFT announces all future 1st party games are Xbox Play Anywhere, then rolls back on its promise


Bioshock: The Collection officially announced 

Never-before-seen footage of unreleased Call of Duty ancient rome game.

Overwatch’s official Twitter teases new weapon that directly relates to a rumored character named Sombra 

Road Rash spiritual successor gets release date

Games with Gold reminder

PS Plus reminder

Marvel’s new Iron Man is a 15 year old black woman

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Charlie: Podcasts to learn more about composing video game music – Level with Emily Reese, Super Marcato Bros

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