Batman V Superman Has Ruined Movie Trailers For Me


There was a time in late 2015 when I was the most excited that I could possibly be for a new superhero film. I remember it like it was yesterday. A new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had released. It was a trailer that featured an unmistakable hate-filled tension between the dark knight and the man of steel. The trailer also featured a shield wielding Wonder Woman defending herself against a devastating Doomsday. The trailer was all I wanted. It still is. However, the final movie fell well below my expectations.

San Diego Comicon was last week and with this glorious event, comes a barrage of trailers for various films and television shows. It’s a fun time and one that is met with hype and excitement as we anticipate what these new pieces of media may bring. But even though it is the case that many of these trailers are fantastic, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the movies themselves will be.

I am particularly skeptical when it comes to the DC films. This is because there has been two films from the current run of DC films and both have not lived up to expectations. Man of Steel was in my opinion an okay movie but pales in comparison to its competition. Batman V Superman in my opinion was overall not a good movie because of issues in the story, plot holes, disappointing choices, some character issues and more.

Wonder Woman is the next installment into the DC films franchise. I’m excited to see what this movie is, not because I think it will be an amazing movie, but I’m fascinated to see whether it will be. Judging from the trailer, it seems to be going in the correct direction. The film seems action filled, exciting and best of all, it seems to have style. It is looking to be similar to the Thor films as far as Wonder Woman being a fish out of water. But even the parts of the film that are removed from conventional modern society look cool. The character seems to be awesome and the action appears as if it is going to be great. The issue Is, I said many of these same things about the Batman V Superman movie.

There is only so much we can gain from watching a trailer. We can gain a sense of the tone and feel of a film. We can understand the direction of the story and get a good look at what the characters will be like. We cannot tell whether a film is going to be good or not from the trailer. It is important to remember that trailers are marketing material that are created to sell us on these movies. That means that the whole point of the trailer is to make the movie look good. A good trailer is not equal to a good movie.

I hope that Wonder Woman and Justice League are great films. Mainly because I love the “superhero” genre of film. But do to the nature of these films and trailers, I am choosing to be cautiously optimistic rather than excited because I can only be let down so many times before deciding that being excited for DC films may not be worth it. This is at least until DC proves themselves to be worthy of that excitement. This is very possible with the Suicide Squad film that is coming to theaters in a couple of weeks. Until then, I can only hope that DC films pick up the pace and that these films live up to the reputation that the trailers have set for them.

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