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Quitting No Man’s Sky – Episode 40 Show Notes:

Alex, like many other gamers, has finally given up on No Man’s Sky. In this episode we break down his reasons for quitting Hello Games’ latest release.

News Stories:

SNES U.S. 25th Anniversary

19 years ago Goldeneye 007 was released on N64

Birthdays, new game by Harvest Moon creators, gets American release

No Man’s Sky loses 90% of its player base in two weeks (does not reflect PS4)

The Witness (Jonathan Blow’s puzzle game) is coming to Xbox One – Sept 13

Below Has Been Delayed Until Further Notice

Call of Duty 2 added to Backwards Compatibility

Sea of Thieves Gamescom gameplay

Xbox September Games with Gold

Overwatch Season 1 has ended. Season 2 changes (skill rating, goodbye sudden death), Bastion Short, Eichenwald/2 new Reinhardt Skins

The Battlefield 1 open beta starts August 31, runs indefinitely

EA Actively looking at Mass Effect Remasters (they changed their minds)

Planet Coaster looks amazing (gameplay trailer)

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