Hackers reveal new Pokemon?


Gotta hack em all

If you have been following any games development recently you know that games get leaked.  Secrets are hard to keep and even harder to keep away from people who can datamine or hack their way to the information.  Recently Pokemon Sun and Moon has started to leak and here are the various leaks that have happened so far. 

A few months ago a member of a Chinese forum revealed what they claimed to be concept art for Pokemon Sun and Moon.  In the art it revealed the supposed final evolutions for our starters; Popplio, Litten, and Rowlet.  Initially thought to be fake these sketches, over time, have shown to be more and more credible.  

During the trailer revealing the island trial captains, or Alolan gym leaders, we see a character known as Mallow.  This character bears a striking resemblance to the character that was initially revealed in the concept art sketches months ago.  This connection to the original leak began giving that concept art more credence.

Today, Nintendo and the Pokemon company released the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon.  Within 10 hours of the demos Japanese release it had already been datamined for secrets.   Similar to the last Pokemon demo, for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, hackers were able to reveal a lot about the game before its release.  This demo was no different.  A dataminer from YouTube by the name of Kaphotics was able to unlock the full Alolan pokedex.  Revealing over 40 Pokemon that were not previously revealed until now.  They also revealed the final forms of the starters finally proving the leaked concept art to be confirmed as true.

This article was written by Ian Preschel and you can follow him on @IanWhyNot on twitter.  

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