World of Final Fantasy Demo Impressions


A whole newww world…of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is a new RPG series from the makers of…you guessed it Final Fantasy.  The game features many recognizable faces like Cloud, Lightning and many others from the Final Fantasy games with a simplified cartoon design.  

Recently, a demo for World of Final Fantasy was released on the Playstation network and as a former Final Fantasy lover I was intrigued.  What I found was more than what I had expected.  World of Final Fantasy has a lot of heart and is a fun game for lovers of the franchise and for fans of Japanese role playing games.


Final Fantasy has always been known for its beautiful designs and World of Final Fantasy is no different.  While the monster and character designs are simplified they are presented with grace and high fidelity.  

If you are a fan of Pokemon, Yokai Watch or other cute monster hunting games then this game should also be interesting for you.  In World of Final Fantasy you are able to capture monsters using small orbs of energy, also known as prisms.  Hmmmm sounds like another Japanese RPG franchise I know.  However, you can only capture these monsters when you fulfill certain requirements.  Some enemies require you to hit them with a certain element, while others require you to face them alone and not in a group.  Each monster has its own requirements that make battles more interesting then traditional monster hunting RPG’s.


Another interesting new mechanic is stacking.  Each monster can be stacked on top of you to create a more powerful combination.  This totem of characters can be arranged in many different combinations to create a more powerful character overall (and its adorable).  This stacking mechanic along with the new prism catching mechanics make for a new and refreshing take on the old genre.  

If you are a fan of Japanese role playing games and Final Fantasy then this game is for you.  With a beautiful world and adorable characters World of Final Fantasy is sure to be a fun and interesting game for fans of JRPGs to enjoy.  I will be sure to give more detailed thoughts when the full is released on PS4 and PS Vita October 25th.  

This article was written by Ian Preschel and you can follow him on @IanWhyNot on twitter.  


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