Pokemon Sun and Moon is The Soft Reboot We All Wanted


Make new friends but keep the old…

With its newest version coming in less than a month Pokemon has been in the minds of many people.  After playing the demo I think that Pokemon Sun and Moon has done so much and has changed so much mechanically that it can be considered a soft reboot.  A soft reboot is when a game, or media franchise is reintroduced for a new generation with significant changes, while simultaneously being connected to its original source material to appease older fans.

Pokemon Sun and Moon not only reintroduces new mechanics, higher fidelity graphics, a new story and new location it also is reintroducing older generation 1 Pokemon in a new way.  With the release of Pokemon GO and a re-release of the original games (Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow) on virtual console relapsed fans from generation 1 have become more latched on to the series.  However with so many new Pokemon introduced in each game this becomes more of a daunting task for an older player to reintroduce themselves to the series.  On the new island of Alola older Pokemon gain a new form but keep the same name.  Enticing new fans with interesting designs while still holding the interest of older fans.


Meowth that’s right

Newer looking Pokemon are not the only things that have changed in this upcoming game.  Pokemon Sun and Moon has gone through a complete mechanical overhaul.  Remember HM’s?  Those specific moves that were required for you to traverse the world?  They are gone.  In their place are Pokemon friends that you can call on to help you traverse the world.  In the recent demo you call upon a Tauros to break rocks in the overworld.  You can even ride him around to

Another big change comes in it’s overall visuals.  In past Pokemon games on the 3DS your main character in the overworld was a smaller, more cartoon like version of your customized character.  In Pokemon Sun and Moon your customized character is now fully realized in the overworld.  Not only that but customization is back with vengeance.  Players can customize their characters even more in Pokemon and Moon.  Now you can dye shirts and pants any color you want instead of using their default colors.


Hmmm you look familiar…

Even characters are returning from the original games.  The main character in Sun and Moon is a young boy or girl that has moved to the Alolan region from Kanto.  Kanto is the original location of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.  Also, a relative of an old friend from the original games lives on Alola.  Professor Oak’s cousin, Samson Oak, is in the game and will be helping you throughout your adventure.  Pokemon Sun and Moon is a love letter to new fans and old fans alike.  If you are someone who hasn’t played a Pokemon game since the original I suggest playing this new one and you will not be disappointed.  


This article was written by Ian Preschel and you can follow him on @IanWhyNot on twitter.  

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