World Of Final Fantasy Review


Gotta catch…I mean stack em’ all

World of Final Fantasy is an adorable and addictive JRPG set in the (you guessed it) world of Final Fantasy.  Debuting on the PS4 and Vita this game has quickly become one of my favorite RPG’s of recent memory.  With lovable characters, adorable monsters, and interesting mechanics World of Final Fantasy is sure to be an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre.  

World of Final Fantasy combines the visual styles of many Square Enix RPGs.  This game is a visual mixtape of your favorite Square Enix titles.  With high fidelity graphics reminiscent of the new Final Fantasy XV, cute characters similar to Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm, and the beautiful character designs from the Kingdom Hearts series.  It has something visually that every fan can enjoy.  This game at its core is just visually appealing and makes me want to come back for more.  However, the visuals aren’t the only thing drawing me back.

World of Final Fantasy also introduces new and interesting mechanics.  One of these new mechanics is monster stacking.  After capturing a new monster friend you can, depending on its size, stack them on your head.  Different stacks yield different results in battle through their varied abilities, stats and stability.  If a monster stack has weak stability then you can be de-stabilized and break apart; thus making your team weaker and open to counter attack.  As a fan of monster collecting games this new mechanic felt fresh and was a refreshing change.

That looks like a powerful team.  That team sure is…stacked!  Eh?  Eh?

But before you stack monsters you have to catch them in your prism.  The prism mechanic is a combination of typical monster hunting RPG systems combined with a new and interesting twist.  To capture a monster you must capture them in your spherical prism (it’s not a pokeball…I promise…okay it looks really similar).  However, you can’t just capture all of these monsters by reducing their health.  Some monsters require very specific moves to become capture-able.  These moves and requirements are hidden until you use a certain spell.  Catching these creatures requires very specific moves and actions and made every new creature sighting exciting.  Finding and adjusting my stacks was a new and refreshing way to prism new teammates. 

When you aren’t stacking monsters and catching them in your…prism you can also use summons.  These summons are known as champions and feature your favorite Final Fantasy characters with adorable chibi designs using beautifully animated attacks.  Sephiroth summoning a planet sized meteor as he looks at you with an adorable chibi design was both hilarious and terrifying.

Look at how CUTE he is!  C’mon!

The two main characters you will play are Reynn and Lann.  These two siblings argue constantly but they work well as a team and each one’s strengths cover the other’s weaknesses.  Reynn is the intelligent and introspective sister and Lann is the hot-tempered buffoon brother.  I enjoy their dynamic and their dialogue as I was catching my new monster companions.  The cast of characters that accompany them are equally as charming.  Tama, one of the partners that Lann befriends, is their guide through the game world.  Tama and the other speaking monster characters are always cute and vibrant.  The funny dialogue doesn’t stop with the characters however.  In game descriptions of monsters, and key items also made me laugh while I was playing the game.  One monster description mentions a two headed lizard that rap battles himself and always loses…and no I am not joking.  These humorous, lovable characters and their clever dialogue made me laugh through my many hours of play.

“Look sis!  It’s Kingdom Hearts 3!  Oh…wait its just a bird.”

While the characters are fun and interesting the story can become…difficult to understand.  Much like its Square Enix predecessors this story is very convoluted and has many moving parts.  This lack of concrete information and miasmic story telling can be a detraction for some people and I think it is a valid criticism for those looking for a more straightforward narrative.  

Our story starts with two siblings in an abandoned town.  While things seem completely normal the town is quiet and there are no people.  Soon after the characters meet god… or at least she says she’s god…and they find out they are living in a pocket dimension…outside of time and space…and they both lost their memories…no seriously this is the story.  Afterwards they find out they are children of prophecy and can transform into cute chibi versions of themselves.  Yeah the story is…well it sure is something.  While almost indecipherable the story is very reminiscent of older JRPG’s and if you are a fan of JRPG’s then this game would be great for you.

 Even if you don’t consider yourself a Final Fantasy fan I think this game is worth a shot.  With great visuals, interesting mechanics and more, World of Final Fantasy is a game that is sure to be worth your time.  

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