Ian’s Top Three Games of 2016


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1. Pokemon Sun Moon


As an avid Pokemon fan this game of the year choice should be no surprise.  Pokemon is a staple of my childhood and is the cornerstone of my gaming past.  Ignoring my personal attachment to the game however the newest installment of Pokemon is an amazing experience for both newcomers and old fans alike.  This year we saw the emergence of Pokemon Go and a larger audience seeking to play the pokemon games that they remembered from their youth (the GBA days of old).  Pokemon Sun and Moon captured that feeling that I had playing on my Game Boy Advance under the covers hoping that my Mom wouldn’t notice and tell me to go to sleep.  It has this perfect blend of old pokemon, old characters and old references combined with new pokemon, new and interesting characters and a new story to keep the player intrigued.
With new mechanics, new pokemon, a new locale and a beautifully rendered 3D world this new Pokemon game is sure the be an amazing experience for all who play.

2. Overwatch


Overwatch: the competitive, multiplayer, sensation of the year.  Honestly, this game took me by surprise.  In the months leading up to its release I didn’t think that the game seemed very entertaining from a gameplay perspective.  I had seen multiplayer shooters in the past and its content seemed bare in comparison to its competitors.  But Overwatch had one thing that others didn’t and that’s character.  Each of Overwatch’s characters brings a high level of style and appeal to the game that other games in the genre just don’t posses.  If the characters are what drew me in then the community and friends I made while playing is what kept me.  Overwatch’s community has been very welcoming since its creation.  I have made many friends this year thanks to Overwatch and I hope to maintain those friendships for years to come. Overwatch has earned this spot not only for its character design and its ability to bring people together.

3. Watch Dogs 2


If game developers cannot learn from history then they will be doomed to repeat it.  Watch Dogs 2 earns this final title because it learned from its predecessors mistakes and built upon its successes.  Watch Dogs 1 was mechanically interesting but was a slog because of its writing and overall tone.  Aiden Pierce was hard to like and root for during his story which made playing him unenjoyable at times.  Marcus, however is a fun and likeable character and the cast he surrounds himself with are equal parts entertaining and diverse.  On top of that being able to explore an interesting California-like world was also fun.  Watch Dogs 2 gets this nomination simply for being able to take criticism and greatly improve from its original.  Watch Dogs 2 is a fun open world romp with enjoyable characters and cool visuals and you should go play it.


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