Overwatch is OK Beast’s Game of The Year 2016


Very few games this year have encapsulated us here at OK Beast like Overwatch has. Both Ian and Blessing were caught off guard at its release because of how the game immediately grabs the player and engrosses them in its lore and systems. The game hits on multiple levels. Not only is the gameplay solid and fun, but the characters are interesting, cool and have more personality than you see in other games of the same genre.


Between us here at OK Beast, countless hours, days, and nights were put into unlocking loot boxes. Even when we take away the design quality of the actual game, the impact that this game has had on us personally and socially was unprecedented. Friends were made. Podcasts were created. Fan projects were spawned and for a brief moment in time we were obsessed. Those aren’t things that I can say about any other game this year.


This is why Overwatch is OK Beast’s game of the year.

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