GUEST: Roger Pokorny’s Top Five Games Of 2016


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When the earth was created there was nothing but just pure silence. Not even a simple breeze flooded the virgin airs of Earth as of yet. But after days and nights of painstaking silence, one sole sound broke through that deathly quiet air to forever change the earth as we know it. The voice of Aubrey Drake Graham swept the Earth in his signature tone uttering the infamous words “top 5, top 5, top 5”. After that the world was never the same, and all I can do is humbly follow in this man’s footsteps and present to you my top 5 games of 2016, but with a twist.

I haven’t exactly played all of the games I wanted to this year. I want to play games like Watch_Dogs 2, Doom, The Last Guardian, Dishonored 2 and a ton more but I just don’t have the money right now. So here is my list of games that I loved this year but I will also include a few games towards the end that I played this year that came out a few years back. This list will change by the time Caleb Cajthaml and I do game of the year coverage but here it is as of my writing (12-7-16).

5. Batman: A Telltale Series

This is a game that I really wanted to be my number one. It’s a legitimate dream game for many including myself. As soon as The Walking Dead series from Telltale proved to be some of the best video gaming experiences out there, many like me immediately jumped to other properties they could work within and Batman was always the top of the list. The outcome is great but still rather confusing to me. I go back and forth between being severely in love with the action and the evolution of certain characters specifically Harvey Dent, to feeling confused and genuinely unsettled by some of the more out there additions and changes to the traditional Batman lore. The game is still great and fun but since I haven’t played Episode 5 and am still kind of confused as to how this is going to be all wrapped up I can’t put it any higher than 5 with a good conscience.

4. Superhot

Everyone forgot about this one didn’t they? I liked the game a ton when I played it for review on my YouTube channel and now the more I think about the more I remember just how much time I put into this game that I didn’t need to. The endless mode is truly addictive and the gameplay has a surprising amount of versatility to it. It felt like almost a first person shooter puzzle. Having to figure out the best course of movement so you can dodge and execute the diabolical polygonal enemies. But the story mode of the game was also alarmingly interesting going for a more abstract angle to the storytelling. It all makes for a fun and fast game that delivers much more than just the Kickstarter pitch.

3. Gears of War 4

Probably my most anticipated release of the year delivered exactly what I wanted, a worthy continuation to the series that both expands the storytelling as well as keeping the already stellar gameplay pristine and perfect with minor adjustments. While I haven’t played online much, it’s not really my cup of tea nowadays, but the single player is more than enough for it to warrant this spot, it was some of the most enjoyable nostalgia trip I’ve had in a long time that comes at a time in my life where admittedly, I’ve been playing less games than I have in the past, so Gears 4 came at the best time possible.

2. Overwatch

Yes, I don’t play this game as much as I should, but that’s a great compliment coming from me, the person that’s pretty eager and alright with dropping a game and moving on. Overwatch constantly seeps back into my life every few weeks and it becomes the only game I can think about. It’s a bright and fun game that perfectly encapsulates why I love multiplayer shooters. The progression is severely satisfying and it has long legs with constant updates and refreshing of competitive levels allowing a nice refresh and jumping in point for many every few months. The characters are also like half the reason I love this game, just look at Reaper, what a rad character. God, this game is great. BRB gonna play some rn. Okay I’m back, I lost.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This is the most clear “number 1” I’ve ever given in terms of GOTY, except for The Walking Dead Season 1. This game and The Walking Dead have one thing in common, they’re masterpieces. Uncharted as a series has gotten better progressively every game and the leap from Uncharted 3 to 4 honestly feels light years of difference. The shooting feels light feathery yet precise finally matching the amount of movement that the game forces you to have, much akin to Max Payne 3 which is the most underrated change in this game. But other than that, the story is fantastic and perfectly wraps up the series in a neat bow that can easily be pulled apart in a few years if they want to continue the series which is honestly the best way to approach this series. It’s the best game I’ve played in years and for sure the best game in the series, everything in this game is finally tuned for an amazing and poignant ending to a franchise. Well done, Naughty Dog, thank you for the ride.


Random GOTY contender that didn’t come out this year:

Super Time Force Ultra

This game is all types of weird and out there when talking about humor but the ridiculous yet challenging idea of time travel with multiple different characters is both idiotic with the amount of things happening on screen at once but also the right amount of challenging and exciting. There have been more than enough times where I’m done to one life and a few seconds left to beat the level, this is in my opinion the perfect Vita game.

Random GOTY contender that hasn’t come out yet:

Only One

I don’t know anything about this game, it might be terrible but just shout-out to Yeezy one time, the man is having trouble and needs support. That’s it. 2016 sucked and I hope next year is a bit better. Much love.


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