GUEST: Jerrad Wyche’s Top Five Games Of 2016


Jerrad leads a group of uncontrollable thugs. They call themselves “Controlled Interests“. They talk about video games sometimes.


Honorable Mention – Firewatch

Firewatch is a prime example of the hype train ruining the actual release of a video game. Understandably I am in the minority when it comes to my pure love of this game. The story definitely takes some interesting liberties but as a whole experience, I feel that Firewatch did something refreshing. The art was beautiful, the characters were lively, and the setting was comfortably uncomfortable. If you have the opportunity to experience Firewatch, please do.

Honorable Mention – The Final Station

I’ve always been a sucker for Sci-Fi and zombies, so I knew that this game would sink its hooks in me early and often. The Final Station follows the story of a train conductor thrust into the position of helping humans survive a mysterious collapse of their civilization. The game mixes side-scrolling shooter mechanics with the change of pace train simulation events occurring throughout. You explore cities, eliminate zombies, and rescue survivors on your way to uncovering what exactly happened to the world you once knew. I loved every minute of my journey to The Final Station.

5. Doom

Do you want to know what video game had the best soundtrack this year? Look no further than 2016’s reincarnation of the Doom franchise. With some of the smoothest FPS gameplay and tastiest riffs of this year, Doom came out swinging as a gorgeous and outstanding ode to one of the most beloved franchises in FPS history. The story was strong enough to coincide with the phenomenal gameplay and exemplary score, but the multiplayer was, unfortunately, lackluster and nothing more than a footnote.

4. Dark Souls III

Git gud? Dark Souls II was frankly an odd departure from what made the Dark Souls series special to so many people. That being said, many people felt that the third installment would be a return to form and possibly something really special from the guys over at FromSoftware. Dark Souls III delivered and exceeding the expectations set forward by one of the most highly committed communities in gaming. From the iconic boss battles to the sense of awe that the world abstractly reveals to you, Dark Souls III was a return to form and another example of the hardest yet most fulfilling 3rd person combat in video games.

3. Virginia

I never thought that Virginia would one day be the backdrop to one of the most interesting and clever video games I played. The game follows a female special agent who is working two investigations simultaneously. You’re trying to solve the disappearance of a teenage boy, while also investigating your partner who seems to have some skeletons in the closet. Virginia is a must play for fans of interesting crime dramas and sci-fi nerds alike. The game features many twists and turns that ultimately conclude with some head scratching. Please play this game.

2. Overwatch

As a kid growing up I loved two things, Pixar movies, and shooters. Blizzard seamlessly mixes the two in a well-thought out and toxicity avoiding manner. The characters, despite lacking a single player campaign, are rich in personality and players come to grow this lovable cast of heroes and villains alike. It’s an FPS with a true dependency on teamwork and makes everyone feel as if they’re contributing. Overwatch is the masterclass in every major category and an experience I’ll be investing in for years to come. Thank you, Blizzard!

1. Inside

Inside is an absolute masterpiece. PlayDead spent 3 years in hibernation, slowly whittling away at the eventual successor to Xbox Live Arcade’s hit game LIMBO. Many gamers and journalists alike knew that we’d be in for a beautiful and interesting game at the very least. What we didn’t know, is that we would receive one of the most impressive and meticulously hand-crafted experiences of this generation.


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