Fiona MacKinnon’s Top Ten Games of 2016


Fiona is a Canadian streamer best known for being very polite and correcting people on how to say “poutine“. When she’s not playing horror games on Twitch, she’s helping make sure the Kinda Funny community is not a garbage truck on fire.


Hey guys! My name’s Fiona, I am a streamer over on Twitch; an artist, known for being the cartographer of Vita island, as well as being known for being one of the Admins for the Kinda Funny Facebook page. This year has been full of its up’s and downs for me, in life and in gaming,  But there are a number of game’s that really made an impression on me. A number of those games will be on this list, 10 to be exact. (Obviously, my apologies in advance, this is my first time doing one of these lists) Starting off (In no particular order) a game I have been enjoying long before 2016 in its beta stages.

Darkest Dungeon

I’ve been enjoying trips into the depth of the family estate since early 2015, in Darkest Dungeon your family has a dark secret, a door to a place only H.P Lovecraft could love. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to hire warriors, mystics, and other adventures to explore the dungeon depths to find answers. I loved the game during Beta on the PC, it started off with a few adventure options, whereas now you have almost 15 different adventure choices. I stopped playing the game for a year and a half until I saw this game on the PlayStation store, which I bought almost instaneously. Playing on the PlayStation 4, I wasn’t exactly thrilled on the controls, it made it up on the Vita version, which runs like a dream.


I’ve always wondered what happened to the commander after the last game, and Xcom 2 provides answers.  It begins 20 years in the future, I won’t spoil anything.. other than.. there are ALIENS DUN-DUN-DUNN. All jokes aside, I was impressed by the improvements with the types of soldiers, also the side quests added a bit of depth into what happened to the others all those years. I hate to be one of those people.. but character creation for me, is an art, and I can spend upwards of an hour making one character, I love every second of it, and XCOM has really stepped up their character creation game. I know quite a few of you reading this think character creation isn’t important, but for me it can make or break it, and XCOM 2 definitely passed. I haven’t finished it yet, but from what I’ve heard it’s definitely worth the hours/game play.



I’d be lying if I told you this game wasn’t one of my top picks of this year. Ever since launch this game has been one of my go to games. The creativity, diversity, as well as replayability has kept my interest high with the game. I have spend countless hours laughing, swearing, having an overall blast with this with friends, and even strangers, mind you I am not one of the best players. I’m generally not a shooter kind of girl, but with Overwatch you don’t need to be, with the amount of characters to choose from, there is always at least one character you can enjoy, my original choice was always Mercy, but I branched out, my favorites now include Reaper, Bastion, Lucio and my main man Reinhardt. I swear, if you cannot find a character you like, I’ll give you a money back guarantee (I am 100 percent joking, but you felt better for a split second didn’t you? You’re welcome)

Resident Evil 7 Demo

Yes, I’m adding a demo to the list. No, I don’t think there were not enough games published/good enough this year that I don’t add a game that’s completed to my list.. I’m adding this to my list because it had a residual effect on me, and I feel as if this made it justified enough to be on my list. This demo (for me)  was an hour and a half nightmare that resulted in me saying No/NOPE at least 400 times,  which resulted in the nickname “FioNOPE”, I streamed the entire experience, and watching it back I cannot help but laugh. I spent 75% of the time on the pause page, but that’s neither here nor there. I thought this demo was highly creative, setting the stage to what we should expect next year with the full launch. I will have to revisit the demo on VR before the full game comes out. I am not a horror game person at all, this game reminded me of why, but I cannot say it wasn’t worth it.

Stardew Valley

Now for a game to lighten up the mood, one of the most relaxing, yet addicting games of this year. This game opened my eyes to how much I miss living in the country, the bright vibrant story, characters and  colors of the game really drew me in and reminded me of home. Mind you I was so drawn into it I did not realize how many hours went by while I tended to my farm, my cat named Archie, as well as trying to get to know my neighbours*  that almost 5 hours passed without me realizing it. If I’m feeling down, or just need to relax after a long day in retail, a trip to Stardew valley always brightens up my day.

Civilization 6×1688/1600×900/

One of my favorite game series of all, I could not wait for this release. I have always been a history buff, and when I was introduced to this series 3 years ago, I’ve been hooked ever since. I played numerous matches of Civ 5, as well as took over the Caribbean in Sid Meier’s Pirates, I loved the turn-based style that incorporated everything I love about Catan as well. This game went above and beyond my expectations, but staying true to its original format. There are multiple new attributes that can sway or destroy, your chances of winning in the game.


Kevin the dog alone made this game for me, but if I had to go into more depth – The gameplay for this is out of this world (Literally, there is a space level) I love local co-op games, as well as cooking so this really blended two things I love together. Though I did get a bit too competitive and swore at my boyfriend Lucas and my roommates.. We all still had fun! I wish there were more local co op games, but I will say it makes me truly appreciate the ones that do exist, especially one this good Though it did kick in my OCD of not being able to continue to another level till I got 3 stars.. damn you Candy Crush for raising my expectations!

Pokémon Go×900/2016/07/08/b23bd00c-7917-4385-b9d2-82cb1aaa708a/pokemon-go-logo.jpg

Let’s start this with a confession, I may have been one of the millions of people to download the game before it came out to the country.. now that we have that out on table, lets continue; You cannot sit there and tell me this game did not have some sort of effect this summer. This game was well worth the many hours I spent with my boyfriend and friends looking for countless Pokémon, trying to get that extra kilometer for that 10 km egg. Though I wish the game kept its appeal overtime… The month or so that I did play it,  I made many memories exploring different places in the city I had never seen before, became closer with my coworkers while we tried to steal the gym in front of our store on our breaks, or seeing others crowd around trying to catch that one special Pokémon one step away. (RIP Pokémon Go step system 2016-2016).

Dont Starve Together

Another series favorite of mine, Don’t Starve has been a game I love to struggle at, and now I can share that struggle with others alongside me while we die of exposure/monsters/insanity/food poisoning and of course the classic, starvation. The only mode I have played was cooperative, but that showed a number of struggles in itself. When I played, I played with a group of 4, our first try lasted 4 days, because we ran out of food (I was the food gather of my group.. so you know how well I did). The second attempt, after all dying once and getting attacked, we made it to day 11 before ending our session. The rush I get playing that game, trying to go against the clock to find even the smallest amount of food and supplies, is a thrill (and a curse) for me. My only complaints is that this game didn’t exist sooner.

Uncharted 4

I know this game has been on EVERYONE’S list this year, granted it looks and sounds like a phenomenal game, which, I have no argument saying it shouldn’t be, since I personally haven’t played it yet. I know I know, I am waiting for the PlayStation community to smite me, but hear me out. Up until early-mid May, I had never played an Uncharted game before, I had heard of the hype surrounding the series, but never ventured into that Universe. I decided to play through the series to see what the fuss was about, and I don’t regret it for a second. I made it through the first three games, mind you I did struggle in a few places. Overall the games were fantastic. Start to finish each one gripped me. I am disappointed with myself for not playing them sooner, and now while sitting here writing this I am kicking myself for not playing this before the year was up. I can compare this situation the same way I avoid the final episode in a TV series or last chapter in a book, because I don’t want it to end. So I am adding this game to my list as a “Most wanted game to play 2016”, that counts, right?

I’d like to end this by saying thank you for reading! You are a trooper for making it to the end and I appreciate it greatly. Have a wonderful holiday, and I look forward to seeing more of all of you in the New year!


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