The Best of 2016 – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 23


On this episode, Blessing and Ian discuss what they’ve been up to for the last few weeks and their favorite pieces of entertainment content from last year.

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  1. Paul Morgan Warren says

    great answer on the maid cafe.

    feel like i should have been taking notest this episode with all the TV shows.

    sensible comments on chance and kanye.

  2. Paul Morgan Warren says

    also, btw i feel like kinda funny dropped the ball on their dragon quest converage. they mentioned the 3ds remake of 8, but overlooked 11 that is coming out soon. it has a 2017 date in japan and maybe in america too if they can pull it off. i think ps4, and also the 3ds version has modern art style on top screen with simultaneous old school SNES style art on the bottom screen

    1. Blessing Adeoye says

      They’re also coming to the Switch!

  3. Paul Morgan Warren says

    potential question: should i start with personna 1 if i’m a patient kind of guy, or just jump into #4 or #5?

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