Kingdom Hearts and The Oscars (Feat. Ben Bellevue) – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 26


On this episode, we have on a special guest, Ben Bellevue, to talk about super hero shows, politics, Kingdom Hearts and The Oscars.

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  1. Paul Morgan Warren says

    the deacon in charge of all the english departments in our church has the email stormybj @ ….

  2. Paul Morgan Warren says

    woo pinkerton

  3. Paul Morgan Warren says

    ian is becoming japanese with all this mobile gaming. here in korea pokemon go just came out last week for the first time, and it’s still in the craze mode here. even saw a prostitute using it the other night. here the subway seats are even smaller than japan. also, japanese people will get out of your way and apologize, but koreans will shove and push and blame you.

  4. Paul Morgan Warren says

    i can almost see the kingdom hearts story could be a youtube clip

  5. Paul Morgan Warren says

    reason they don’t stay together in casablanca: there’s a world war and she’s already married.
    reason they don’t stay together in lala land: it would be a pain to download skype

  6. Paul Morgan Warren says

    QUESTION (don’t remember if this has been covered) – Do you guys ever feel “sandbox fatigue” from too many open worlds, or do you ever see “empty sandboxes”, big worlds with not much interesting to do in them? (myself, don’t have much exp in the genre)

  7. Paul Morgan Warren says

    another QUESTION might be: do you think a Superbowl ad for the Nintendo Switch will be a success? – make up for the less than stellar presentation?

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