Western Vs. Japanese Games – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 27


On this episode, Blessing begs Eminem to stop rapping and Ian buys a webcam.

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  1. Paul Morgan Warren says

    Pitchfork scores for Eminem albums over time: 9.1, 6.5, 4.8, 2.8 for recovery, 4.7 mmlp2, new one = not even reviewed

  2. Paul Morgan Warren says

    for old-timers like me, all games were japanese games, which permanently makes a mark on our tastes.

    i wonder if 1 2 Switch gunslinging makes more sense in Japan, where eyes and eye contact are such a big deal

  3. Paul Morgan Warren says

    i’m still in the middle of the first fire emblem game for NES. i wonder if Warriors will get me more into the series, like hyrule warriors did for zelda. triforce is actually on our wedding rings “it’s dangerous…” and “to go alone”

  4. Paul Morgan Warren says

    Blessing – did you notice that the “new york city” of Mario Odyssey has all the shop names from DK characters? it’s called New Donk City on the neon sign, maybe New Donkey City?

  5. Paul Morgan Warren says

    potential QUESTION if you need one – what’s a popular game that you didn’t really like?

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