When Your Favorite YouTuber Goes Bad – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 34


On this episode, Ian and Blessing Talk about JonTron, PewDiePie, Colin Moriarty, and the moral ambiguity of internet fame and controversy.

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  1. Paul Morgan Warren says


    i really appreciated that you guys made the distinction between conservatives that mean well and “conservatives” that have issues with being a jerk or racism.

    i never cared for pewtey pie or for jon tron. i never had affection for colin m., but i did listen to his reviews.

    with kinda funny, at least i do respect that they are willing to say good things about each other. much better than, for example, when Jirard the Completionist on normal boots had his comic relief partner Greg leave on bad terms. although in hindsight i suspect jirard really is a nice guy and did the best he could. You guys were right – I love both Satchel and also Jirard on Normal Boots – so that makes the Jon Tron comments relevant to me.

  2. Paul Morgan Warren says

    potential QUESTIONS

    1) What do you think of the opinion, “Personna 4 would have been better as a graphic novel”?

    2) What kinds of leveling systems do you guys like? Manually allocating points with a level up, stat boosts going to things you use the most, or just standard levelups that do it for you with enough exp? Do you ever think turn based RPG’s can/should make more of a comeback?

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