I Can Smell Reggie Fils-Aime From My Apartment – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 37


On this episode, Ian and Blessing discuss Kendrick Lamar’s new album, Persona 5, Nier, 13 Reasons Why, and the future of the Switch.

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  1. Paul Morgan Warren says


    1. yeah do games at your own pace. one thing i actually liked about Colin from KF was that he always refused to spend time on stuff he didn’t want to do.

    2. Pitchfork gave DAMN. a 9.2/10. I think it’s funny that they do the extra decimal point.

    3. Intresesting to see YookaL get such a variety of of scores. The completionist cried tears of joy, and Jim Sterling gave it a 2/10.

    4. In P5 I was able to max out all social stats by mid-November, so nothing to worry about. Early on Guts unlocks relationships, but later on level 4 or 5 charm, kindness or intellegence matter, too. you also need to take out people in mementos of unlock social things too.

    In this paragraph I’ll tell you how I was able to fly through palaces 4, 5, and 6 with full SP at the end. Or you could skip this paragraph. What I did was become friends with the doctor and spent my savings on a level three SP replenisher for each of my four starters. then I could just fast forward melee through most all fights, and then everyone is at full SP at the end, and then the healers can spend a bit to make everyone healthy again. That way endless grinding in a day is possible, getting any number of mementos baddies in one run is possible, and getting through any palace in one run in possible. more time for real life. there is also one confidant that allows you to go aout at night even after visiting the metaverse. also the way that happens is fascinating. i might want to make a video about this technique. i think i’m at level 55 now.

    dating paragraph. i was going to date one person, but my wife convinced me to go with Ann instead. I’ve maxed out a whole bunch of people socially. When you get to level 9, you get to choose if it becomes romantic or a deep friendship. Ian made a pretty good choice with who he’s going after. I chose a GF before that person even joined my team.

    i got a new game plus on the bad ending, and but also got through the key turning point to unlock the final stretch of the game. I don’t think much of anything special happened at 7/7, but the mid-November plot twists are pretty impressive.

  2. Paul Morgan Warren says


    yeah was real dumb to not make enough NES classics. I agree that i don’t think it’s about hacking b/c other things are so hackable. With my 3DS I have a 200GB card in there with the full catalogue. For some reason the classroom where I teach English has three hacked Wii’s in it for “study hall”. But I think motion controlls are dumb and the WiiU is what is so so underrated.

    I agree that it is related to the backwards Japanese thinking about protecting IP’s. They don’t want you to have a game for 2 dollars each when they can sell you Mario 3 for the tenth time for five dollars.

    New theory – they cut it off to gear up for SNES classic.

  3. Paul Morgan Warren says


    What games would you want to see on a SNES classic? Might even need 50 instead of just 30! (arguably the best console of all time, or at least one of the best)

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