Introducing the New OK Beast (Feat. Alex Van Aken) – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 41


The old OK Beast is dead. In its place stands a new team, new website, new shows, and more! In this episode we discuss it all. Welcome to the new OK Beast.

OK Beast is a brand dedicated to games, culture, and looking at how games fit within our culture. The OK Beast Podcast is a gaming centric show where a couple of friends come together and talk about what’s going on in our world. If you like that, subscribe to us on your podcast service of choice, visit and follow @OKBeastNow on Twitter. There’s a new episode up every Monday.

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  1. towtansua says


    1) it’s been tough for games to adapted into 90 minute movies. could things like The Witcher tv series on Netflix or Castlevania show change people’s opinions on narrative quality in games?

    2) ever been a time that you really wanted an NPC to be a playable character in a game?

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