After a Year of OK Beast


A year ago I had an idea to make a website. That website would serve as the conduit for all of my creative ideas to flow through. That website would also serve as a portfolio, a statement on games coverage, an attempt at a job in the games industry, and a way for me to not go crazy at a time where I needed a focus. That website was OK Beast.

OK Beast started with the goal of covering games and culture in a way that was different from anyone else. That has always been my personal objective creatively. In the past, I’ve participated in hip-hop dance, music, poetry, and more. When I go on stage, I never tried to do my best Jabbawockeez impression because if people wanted to see them perform, they would search them up on YouTube. If somebody wanted a Sarah Kay poem, they would look up Sarah Kay. If you want a Kanye West beat, you would look up Kanye West. In a similar vein, if you wanted IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, or etc, you would look up those sites. OK Beast would not become IGN as much as I strived to obtain a job at IGN when beginning the site. A year later, this is still true.

Ian Preschel joined OK Beast some months after I had started the site. Alex Van Aken and Brandon Wilson are the latest additions. This last year has seen OK Beast grow from a personal blog to a group effort. It’s a movement. I mean that in the sincerest form. OK Beast is not what it was when it started. In fact, it’s a completely different entity now than it was last week. Frankly, I can’t even call it my site anymore which is indicative of the fact that Ian, Brandon, and Alex have put in so much work and have adapted it as their own. That is what I mean when I say it’s a movement.

Over the last year OK Beast has seen growth. It’s seen transformation. It’s seen multiple and diverse hands morph it into what it is today. And what it is today is a conduit through which Brandon, Alex, Ian, and I can develop and deliver our creative ideas for the betterment of nerd culture. But it is also more. It’s community. It’s friendship. It’s innovation. It’s passion. All of that may come off as corny, generic, overused marketing terms but that’s truth. Our growth has been through these things and we will continue to grow through them

So thank you for checking out OK Beast. If you are new, welcome. This last year has been a blast. This next one will be even crazier. And although OK Beast is now “new”, the vision remains intact. And we will continue to chase after that vision to the fullest of our extent.

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