The E3 2017 Predictions Face-Off – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 43


On this episode, Ian and Blessing go head to head as they predict what we will see at E3 2017.

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  1. towtansua says


    1) Sure it’s relative, but is the “not enough games” buzz shifting away Nintendo toward Microsoft?

    2) How would have Last Guardian have reviewed if it came out in the PS3 era? does it feel like game development time is almost too long for a console life sometimes?

    3) Sure, it’s been over a decade since Kingdom Hearts 2, but does it feel like the brand is actually over-saturated with all its spinoffs and prequels? Is the KH story more of a nice Easter Egg, or a convoluted mess?

    1. towtansua says

      * typo = away FROM nintendo

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