Everything Announced at EA Play 2017


Alright, ladies and gents. EA Play 2017 has come and gone. Here’s what you may have missed.

Madden 18 is Back and With a Story

That’s right. Much like the turn FIFA took last year, Madden has decided to forgo the traditional seasonal campaign and turn to an actual story as the driving force. That story is called Longshot. In it, you are Devin Wade, who hasn’t been in the played football in quite some time. But he’s back and he’s trying to make it all the way to the big leagues. You’ll start small and grow in the hopes of finally being drafted. Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali stars in the game as Devins father, Cutter.

Also it was introduced via drumline. At the show. In Patriots’ jerseys. Yep. Madden NFL 18 is coming August 25.

Battlefield 1 is Receiving Killer DLC with Killer Women

Battlefield 1 is a huge success so obviously, it’s getting a lot of support thrown it’s way. After opening on a montage of the Battlefield YouTube community, a presenter showed to announce two sets of DLC. One smaller one introducing two night maps named Nivelle Nights and Prise De Tahure. These maps will be available later this summer. The bigger content pack, titled In The Name of The Tsar, brings the battles to the Eastern Front. This will bring six new maps all across the front, new weapons, vehicles and factions in the form of the Russian Army, the Hussar Cavalry and my favorite, “the iconic women’s battalion of death”. That sounds so badass. In The Name of The Tsar is coming in September.

There’s going to be “a new competitive Battlefield experience.” It’s bound to be a smaller and more squad based game mode. More details coming at Gamescom in August.

FIFA is Back and With More Story

In introducing FIFA, a competition was announced for later in the year. EA is clearly trying to carve out a space in Esports for sports games. Also FIFA 18 is a game that exists. It looks to be as beautiful and fun as ever. Then, in an odd move, EA brought up internet personalities rather than celebrities called Men in Blazers to announce that Alex Hunters story in FIFA 17 is not over and will indeed continue through to this iteration of the series in The Journey 2. FIFA 18 is coming September 26 to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the U.S. The Switch version will be releasing alongside the worldwide release three days later but without the Frostbite Engine and the campaign, The Journey 2.

Fast and Fur- I Mean Need for Speed is Back!

After a bit of a stumble on behalf of a likely teleprompter failure, the new Need For Speed title was shown. Need for Speed: Payback is looking to bring a later Fast and Furious vibe to the series. Previous games began channeling the earlier entries of the series but this one seems to look more towards Fast Five and later in regards to the heist that we saw unfold on stage. The good old Criterion Games Takedown is very much intact to make what looks like a promising return to form for the series after an attempted reboot. Need for Speed: Payback is due for release worldwide on November 10.

Brothers Developer Leading Studio on New IP – A Way Out

The director behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is leading a new studio called Hazelight to develop another co-op game entitled A Way Out. The game is the latest in an effort on behalf of EA to publish more indie titles under their EA Originals division. It takes place in a prison as two inmates try to work together to escape. Yes, it is cooperative Prison Break. Even better than that, the game is uniquely only presented in split-screen. You can still play it online, the screen will just still be split in order to always give you a window into the other players life. There’s a lot to be excited about with this game.

Expect it in Early 2018.

Anthem announced as Bioware’s New IP

Bioware finally gave us a glimpse at their new IP, previously titled Project Dylan. Now however, it is called Anthem. We don’t know much yet except that it is definitely sci-fi, there’s absolutely a huge wall (there always is) and there are dangers beyond it. I’m personally getting a little tired of walls what with Game of Thrones, Destiny and uh…real life. That being said there’s plenty reason to be excited and we won’t go long without seeing more. Tune in to the Microsoft Conference tomorrow to see the full gameplay reveal of Anthem.

All the Sports!

NBA Live 18 ended on a Kendrick Lamar song. That may be all any of us need to make a purchase. But really though, NBA Live is back and is coming back with a new mode called The One. It seems to make the player pick between playing in the street league and the NBA. A demo is coming in August and progress in it will carry over to the full game should you choose to pick it up. Expect the full release in the fall.

Free Week of EA Access

Before jumping into all the Star Wars news, EA took a moment to share that between He For She, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and Ditch The Label they donated a million dollars to these causes to promote a more inclusive environment. In return for helping raise the money to make this possible, gamers have access to EA Access for free from today till June 18.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Shown Off

Janina Gavankar, a.k.a Inferno Squad Leader Iden Versio, came out to absolutely crush the back half of the conference. She was there to introduce Battlefront II, perhaps the biggest game at EA Play 2017, to the masses. You already know most of what she had to say: Battlefront II is set between Return of the Jedi  and The Force Awakens. The entirety of the game encompasses all eras of Star Wars, yes, even the prequels. What was new was this: There will be defined classes in multiplayer and progression systems unique to each. Characters and their abilities are customizable. In battle, you will accrue points called Battle Points that will aid you in becoming either a hero character, or something else like advanced soldiers or a ship.

At the end of a behind the scenes focused on all these details, we were finally given a look at the multiplayer in the form of a trailer. The battleground was Theed of Naboo, likely to show off prequel locations. Droids are seen doing battle with clones and it looks marvelous. Darth Maul leaps into the fray and decimates. Boba Fett is seen trying to kill Luke. Yoda and Maul do battle. Rey and Kylo Ren go to town on each other. Rebel ships are seen escorting the Millennium Falcon. The net is wide and it has been cast.

At the end, we get a small teaser of the story for the game. Someone makes an appearance that I don’t want to spoil. It’s all delightfully Star Wars and everyone should love it and buy it right away. Before we get to the tournament that would follow and end the conference though, John Boyega appears via video to announce that Finn and Captain Phasma and the location of Crait will come free as the first themed DLC of Star Wars Battlefront II. What followed was a long battle on Naboo played out live to end the show with commentators over it.

Star Wars Battlefront II is due November 17.

And that brought EA Play 2017 to a close. Hope you enjoyed the show and this recap. E3 has just begun people!

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