Everything Announced at the Sony E3 2017 Press Conference


Sony has been the master of crazy E3 moments these past few years. Blowing awayexpectations and making our craziest dreams come true. Were they able to continue this momentum for a third year in a row? What were the big announcements, games, and reveals of this E3 conference? Well, let’s recap the Sony E3 2017 press conference.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy is Nearly Here

Sony opened up the conference with a fast-paced, brilliantly put together look at Uncharted: Lost Legacy. With every new look at Lost Legacy it becomes more and more clear that this game is less UC4 DLC and more a fully fleashed out story in it’s own right. Stunning, cinematic, and action-packed Lost Legacy looks fantastic and I can’t wait for August 22nd and the release of this game to come.

Horizon: The Frozen Wilds is Revealed

Y’all this Horizon story DLC looks like some next level stuff. From the looks of the trailer it appears as if we are heading towards the Banuk peoples Northern tundra of a land. Giving us a glimpse at a society that was only hinted at and briefly discussed in the game proper is a great way to take the story for Frozen Wilds. The exciting tease at the end of the monster that guards the mountain is a perfect and mysterious way to end the tease and leave everyone excited for when this DLC drops later this year.

Days Gone Has Zombie Bears

Sony finally showed off the Days Gone everyone has been waiting for. Thoughtful, more tactical, and far less spray and pray shooter than last year’s demo had us believe. This demo is an open world, story based apocalyptic tale that looks great. Still a little concerned about how The Last of Us Part 2 might steal it’s thunder, but Days Gone is great. Plus I mean…Zombie Bears, y’all.

Monster Hunter World Debuts

Coming out sometime in 2018, Monster Hunter World was debuted Monday night. Looking like a massive departure from prior Monster Hunter games and featuring many elements and gameplay ideas not seen before this was a big coming out party for the series and one that left even people like me, who have never played a MH game before intrigued and captivated.

Shadow of the Colossus Returns

Arguably the biggest surprise and stunner of the night was Sony’s out of left field reveal that Shadow of the Colossus is being remade for the PlayStation 4. One of the most critically acclaimed and revered games of the PS2 generation Shadow’s surprise remake caught everyone off-guard and then blew us away with how beautiful and good it actually looks. While it only gave a release year, sometime in 2018, this instantly shot to the top of many people’s best moments of E3 list. I just hope they fix the controls so I can actually finish it this time.

Call of Duty: World War 2 on Display

This game actually looks really good guys. Like I know it’s fashionable to hate and groan at each new COD game but I love first-person shooters and World War 2, aside from it’s dumb name, looks amazing. I love the setting, I love the more intimate, squad-based focus. Hell, I even love the way they have pitched the game’s story as a more serious and grounded take on war and it’s costs, something COD nailed with last years Infinite Warfare. As crazy as it may seem this was actually one of my favorite moments of Sony’s conference. Come on November 3rd.

PlayStation VR Lives

Next Sony took a few minutes to show off what it has in store for the future of VR. From Skyrim VR’s announcement, to weird No Man’s Sky esque Starchild, to finally the big standout SuperMassive’s The Inpatient the showcase was a great, if up and down, look into what the next year of VR looks like and to me at least, it’s looking pretty bright.

God Of War is Coming… Next Year?

The God of War game I have been wanting for over a decade now. A complex, human Kratos, one who carries the scars, both physical and emotional from the many traumas of his past. A powerful story of the bond between father and son. A sweeping journey across a land and into a culture rarely if ever discussed in depth in games. A staggering epic of a size and scope not seen in years. The new God of War game and the trailer showing it off is how to reinvent a series, it’s how you bring a character no longer relevant or loved back from the dead, it’s how you tell this story right. Just wish it was coming this year.

Detroit: Become Human Looks Real Good

Wow. This game, man. I cannot fathom how complex, grand, and sweeping the story David Cage and company are telling within Detroit. The sheer scope, number of characters involved, and seemingly dozens of plot lines – all tying into each other – is staggering. We got more of a sense of the minute to minute gameplay and a jawdropping look into one of the game’s protagonist’s story. When is it coming out? God knows. Damn it if this isn’t one of the most ambitious and bold games I have ever seen.

Destiny 2: Something You Love, Slightly Different

So Destiny 2 is a thing. Story looks cool. Combat looks fun. Doesn’t look a lot different from where Destiny 1 is at right now. I’ll still end up playing it come September, though.

Spiderman is a Video Game, Y’all.

Yo – I can’t quite handle how good Spiderman looks. Closing out Sony’s conference with a 8 minute dive into Insomniac’s next game, Sony closed things out on quite the high. Clearly the DNA of what made the Arkham games so incredible has been transferred over to this, but the wit, humor, and whimsy of Spiderman keeps this a very different beast. The movement, the fluidity of it all, the way everything just looked, this will be a towering achievement by Insomniac if they can nail Spiderman and based off of what we saw last night I’d say their well on their way. Arguably the best game I have seen from all of E3. Gosh dang, Peter Parker.

Sonys E3 conference this year can in many ways be called the part 2 to last years stunning year of dreams conference. It didn’t hold any of the major bombshells of last year and instead focused on giving deep looks and release windows into nearly all of the games shown off a year ago. Well not the greatest E3 conference ever, it was ultimately the type of conference Sony needed, particularly considering some of the flake they got after last years showcase. But what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts on Sony’s showing and how all of E3 has fared so far.

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