Pyre, Matterfall, and Gamescom News – Episode 79


Jarrett Green, writer and podcaster, joins Alex for this week’s episode of Pixel Pulse Radio. The two discuss what it’s like freelancing for IGN, Playboy, and the challenges of writing video game guides. Additionally, Alex and Jarrett share their experiences and perspectives of recent releases, Pyre and Matterfall. The crew also discusses recent Gamescom news.

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Jurassic World Evolution, a new sim building game, lands on Xbox One Summer 2018 

Microsoft is now publishing the console version of PUBG

Age of Empires 4 announced

New Overwatch map, Junkertown, announced

Ea Original, Fe, coming to Switch, early 2018

Cyberpunk anime inspired action game, Ruiner, launches September 26

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