Andrew Taylor’s Top Ten Games of 2017


Hello there, my name is Andrew Taylor and I like video games. For those of you that don’t know me, I am from the YouTube channel called Fit The Gamer and I also host a one on one conversational podcast called Private Chat. Video games are big part of my life, and I like to think I am where I am because of them.

10. Middle Earth: Shadow of War (Monolith Productions)

Now we knew that Middle Earth was a dangerous place thanks to the ‘Lord of The Rings’ movies, but then that danger was expanded upon in 2014’s ‘Shadow of Mordor.’ That game’s “nemesis system” was something that wasn’t ever really done in a video game before. ‘War’ expanded upon that enemy nemesis system and pushed the boundaries of how difficult the game can really be with unexpected encounters with enemies that have a personal vendetta against you. Talon still proves to be an interesting character that continues to deal with the loss of not only his family, but also his soul and the fact that he has to share a body with an elven wraith with a grudge.

9. The Evil Within 2 (Tango Gameworks)

It is very unlike me to find enjoyment out of something that’s main purpose is to scare the shit out of you. Evil Within 2 not only frightened me, but also showed me how to find the thrill of being chased by ghouls and ghosts. The game took aspects of ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ and melded them into a tense and exciting experience.

8. Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games)

horizon: zero dawnWhen Guerrilla first announced that they were working on a new IP rather than continue with their ‘Killzone’ saga, I was extremely intrigued to see what was next. Along came ‘Horizon’ and with it, it’s flaws. Despite those flaws, I still found great enjoyment with the world and story it presented. It’s safe to say there’s no game out there without its flaws, but it was a good reminder to keep your expectations tempered and open-ended.

7. Pyre (Supergiant Games)

I always appreciate games the most when their developers put the story first and foremost above all else. ‘Supergiant Games’ did that with this game, and not only did they give a compelling story, but also great characters that were seeking a higher purpose. I haven’t played a game that actually made me question what I believe in, and I think that’s extremely special. Along with its great story, ‘Pyre’ brings enjoyable “arena” type combat with a hint of magic. Overall, ‘Pyre’ is one of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

6. Night In The Woods (Infinite Fall)

Want to play a game that really plays with your emotions and kind of makes you feel sad? Well, here you go. It’s not that there isn’t enjoyment to find within this game, but it was at the expense of the main character, Mae. The dialogue is clever, the gameplay is fun, but why did I have to feel so sad while playing this game?

5. Persona 5 (Atlus)

Cool, stylish, and soaked in anime awesomeness. ‘Persona 5’ exceeded my expectations of what a J-RPG can be. I never thought I would invest myself in a story centered on a bunch of high school kids looking to bring down the fantasies of adults that have done them wrong. Turn based strategy has always been a favorite of mine, and ‘Persona 5’ presents that combat in the most stylish way I’ve ever seen in a J-RPG.

4. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (MachineGames)

Who knew a character like B.J. Blazkowicz could be a compelling and complex vessel for the player to control and progress through the game. First and foremost, this game is not easy. I think that works in the game’s favor though, because within the story, you are known as “Terror Billy” and the game really allows you to feel like an unstoppable Nazi killing machine despite how difficult it can be. The story went to places that I never would’ve expected to, but also touched on themes that I have never really seen addressed in a video game before.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

What more can be said that you haven’t already heard about this game? Nintendo took a risk making a non-linear Zelda game and it paid off big for them. For me, this is the most unique and different Zelda experience I’ve ever had. That’s not to say that Zelda games haven’t strayed from the linear path like ‘Majora’s Mask’, but ‘Breath of The Wild’ provided me with a simple set of skills and told me “go have fun.”

2. Metroid: Samus Returns (MercurySteam)

Yep, that’s right, the Nintendo 3DS lives. What better time to bring back one of the company’s most beloved franchises to the place where it originated, the handheld. This may have been just a reimagining of ‘Metroid 2’, but it succeeded with providing a unique and worthy new Metroid experience, with tons of awesome new toys and abilities you gain along the way.

1. Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo EPD)

Well, here we are. Mario is back, and some may say better than ever. I looked at this game as a love letter to the past and as a window to the future. We’ve been given freedom to explore with Mario before, but never like this. Despite the argument that can be made that the game is “too easy”, the game truly is allowing you to enjoy it to its utmost degree. This game brought me back to the days where I spent hours and hours exploring the world of ‘Super Mario 64’, and I thank it for that because I cherish and miss those days and I am immensely grateful I was able to have that same feeling with this game.

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