Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Recap & Red Dead 2 Gameplay – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 106


On this week’s episode of the OK Beast Podcast, the crew shares a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct recap and discusses the new Red Dead 2 gameplay trailer. Also, Blessing is so excited about Tekken 7’s inclusion of Negan from the Walking Dead and the guys share their thoughts on Filip Muicin, who was fired by IGN last week following his acts of plagiarism.

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News Links:

The Walking Dead’s Negan is Coming To Tekken 7

IGN Pulls Review After Plagiarism Accusations

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Reveal

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

Games We’ve Been Playing:

Overwatch, Saints Row IV, No Man’s Sky, World of Warcraft

Listener Questions:

Chris Nunes: “As a site creating content and video essays, how do you protect your content from being plagiarized? Do you do you find yourself (when creating these) conscious/careful of not using verbiage from other creators you have watched/seen?”

Chase Williams: “This years EVO was incredible, both in reveals and hype matches. with Dragon Ball FighterZ breaking the all time viewership record for the event, do you think fighting games are becoming more prominent across general gaming fandom?”

Emmett Watkins Jr.: “Idk I might be crazy, but did Red Dead Redemption 1 have any black people in it? I saw multiple in this trailer for Red Dead 2 and I got so hype! Also, how lit are y’all gonna be if all the stuff in that trailer is possible in Online as well?(!)”

Chris Nelson: “What’s your prediction for the next Smash character to get murked in a trailer?”

Nintendo Duel Screens: “Do you think they are turning Smash Bros into a Games as service like Fortnite? Ultimate from this point forward, just up rezed and added to from now until the end of days?”

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