How Boyfriend Dungeon Changes Dungeon-Crawling with Dating – PAX West 2018

A match made in Heaven that's hardened by battles in the dunj.


Going on a first date can always be a nerve wracking experience. Who should pay for dinner? Is a movie the proper follow-up to said dinner? Do you ask your date to transform into a sword so that you can fight off droves of bug creatures together in a creepy underground dungeon? All of those questions are easily answered in Boyfriend Dungeon, the newest Kickstarter project from Kitfox Games.

In Boyfriend Dungeon, players battle their way through dungeons and then go on dates with their weapons in a California-inspired balmy over-world. The game’s dungeon crawling is frantic and fast-paced; and players will work alongside their weapon partner of choice to execute different combos and abilities as they navigate deeper into the depths of a dungeon. On the dating sim end of things, players can choose which locations in the over-world they’d like to take their weapon on a date to.

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Much like Persona, Dream Daddy and Monster Prom, dialogue choices determine your level of success while on a date. Not all the weapons will like you at first so it’s up to you to flirt your way to victory. The main goal is not only to enjoy the romantic conversation with your weapon, but to progress the relationship which will subsequently level them up and grant them new attacks and bonuses.

The designs and writing of the characters successfully convey so much about the different weapons players will use throughout the game. The steamy bad boy Sunder, who transforms into a Talwar, owns the local night club while Valeria, a no-nonsense painter who could transform into a dagger, hangs out at the park. Sunder’s sharp edges and red accents directly connect to his design as a Talwar while Valeria’s sharp wit and straight-to-the-point attitude directly relate to her weapon form. Every design in Boyfriend Dungeon is well thought out and helps to reinforce the game’s tone.

The game’s soundtrack features music composed by Marskye which serves to enrich both the in-game dungeon fighting and wholesome dating. The music’s tempo increases when dungeon-crawling to increase the intensity and Madeline McQueen’s sultry vocals really help the compositions to stand out. Overall, Boyfriend Dungeon’s fresh audio and visual styles feel very polished.

boyfriend dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon’s mixture of dating sim, RPG, and dungeon-crawler feels so inventive, and it fuses some of my favorite things together: action-based combat, RPG mechanics, and wholesome romantic storytelling. Its world has so much personality and there’s no doubt I’ll spend hours upon hours getting lost in it. Check out Boyfriend Dungeon when it launches next year, and if you’re still curious about the game, you can find more information on the game’s Kickstarter page or official website.

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