Spider-Man, Black Ops Blackout, & Animal Crossing on Switch – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 111


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew dives deep into Marvel’s Spider-Man, shares about their time playing Metro Exodus at PAX West, and discusses Black Ops Blackout and whether the battle royale mode will help Call of Duty find success. Blessing, Ian, and Alex also recap the September Nintendo Direct and react to the announcement of Animal Crossing on Switch and Isabelle being in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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News Links:

Two Drive-By Shootings at Dr. Disrespect’s House

September 2018 Nintendo Direct

Games We’ve Been Playing:

Spider-Man, Black Ops Blackout, Metro Exodus

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Caitlin Galiz-Rowe: “How do you all feel about the number of collectibles in Spider-Man?”

Cesar Palafox: “How’s Blackout beta, how does it differentiate from other BRs, does it have a chance even if it’s not free? Also, favorite spider villain from the game?”

Christian Puente: “On the topic of Spiderman, do you have a definitive version? For me, it’s the animated one from the 90’s”

Andrew Cassidy: “Re: Spider-Man: What makes a collectible feel rewarding as opposed to busy work/padding.”

Jared Schuh: “Can there be a more perfect game than Animal Crossing on Switch? Did Nintendo just win 2019 without doing anything?!?”

Oliver Schues: “How many of you fell for Sakurai’s twisted joke? I thought it was the best character reveal (yes, better than King K, Blessing.) Also, what did you think of that weak ass Smash Bundle?”

Jurge Cruz-Alvarez: “How do y’all feel about Pac-Man? Been thinking about Pac-Man a lot lately, specifically Pac-Man World.”

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