Pokemon Let’s Go Impressions & Early 2019 Games We Want – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 121


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew sat down on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving and Black Friday to share their Pokemon Let’s Go impressions and about their hands-on time with PlayStation VR. Alex, Blessing, and Brandon also discuss a reported Pokemon GO inspired Warcraft mobile game, and the early 2019 games they’re most looking forward to playing!

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News Links:

Blizzard is reportedly working on a Pokémon Go-style game based on Warcraft

A Wreck-It Ralph 2 event is probably coming to Fortnite

What’s Up:

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Fallout 76, PlayStation VR

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Brian “Nabeshin” Jackson emailed us with a question: With Blizzard delivering the announcement of Diablo Immortal and with it receiving such a strong negative feedback, it makes me wonder where mobile games stand in today’s day and age for people like us. I think the realistic but also cynical take of what Diablo Immortal will be when it eventually releases is that it’ll be Free-2-Play, monetized to hell, and though being decent will give off a feeling of not having “the full Diablo experience”. I think this is just the way we, as game enthusiasts, think of mobile gaming now which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the reach it will have can bring aboard new players and fans but at the same time we feel that the game just loses its soul because of it.

So I guess my question is what is mobile gaming to you all now? Are we being unfair to judge the practices of mobile games when it the only way for it be successful? Is there any pre-established franchise that could be put onto mobile that you be stoked for? Not stoked for a day and you’ll probably never touch it again but legitimately you’d put time into even though you’d have to deal with monetization? Jet Force Gemini 2 Mobile? LawBreakers Pocket Edition? Devil May Cry: Finger Bang? Also should a mobile game EVER be an on stage announcement if it’s not releasing the day of? Announcing a mobile game like it’s the next Final Fantasy with no release date in sight is just weird to me.”

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