The Nintendo Guru’s Top Ten Games of 2018


the nintendo guruHello! I am Bobby Pauls aka The Nintendo Guru. I know you see a name like this and think, “GURU?? Man who does this guy thinks he is?!?” I assure you I am nobody’s guru. I just like to play one on the internet. With that if you happen to want to find more from me. I have a lot going on, on the internet. I have a YouTube channel. I twitch stream. I also have a multitude of podcasts I produce on a weekly basis. 2018 has been a rocky year for me personally. However my one steadfast has been games. These are the games in 2018 I truly adored.

10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Don’t say it. “But Bobby this game came out in 2017.” Yes I know but for me personally I didn’t touch this game till 2018. With that, this game gets started a little on the slow side. Trying to pick up the mechanics and get an understanding of how the fight system works. Then out of nowhere it side swipes you and you have fallen completely in love with the characters. The narrative taking place is gripping and heartwarming. It turns at your heart strings hard here. If you haven’t played this game; I strongly suggest you correct that mistake.

9. Dragon Quest Builders

dragon quest builders

This game hit the Nintendo Switch in the early part of 2018 and it just was this cute game I thought I would just chill and play. Once the story started playing out and I began to get a grip on the building aspect of things Dragon Quest Builders really started to change and stand out for me. I thought this was just a basic Minecraft clone set in the world of Dragon Quest. I was wrong there is a solid story-line happening that keeps you invested in playing more and more.

8. Kirby Star Allies

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge fan of Kirby. I base it mostly because I feel there are so many Kirby games produced each year. Where this is fantastic for the Kirby fans; it leaves me with a craving for more. I have always felt by producing so much Kirby content there are passing over other neglected IP. I walked into Star Allies as a hater and not really expecting much at all. I was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for an incredibly deep game this definitely isn’t the game I would recommend. However there is more than enough here to entertain and keep you smiling for hours. This game is what games should be. It is just a lot of fun. A lot of times we get so wrapped up in graphics and story-lines that we forget the most important thing about video games. Are they fun?

7. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

To me, this was the game that kicked off a run of great games for Nintendo on the Wii U. Although most of the time the games for the Wii U were like a desert in the middle of a sandstorm. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was a standout among them which not many people had the opportunity to play since they never bought a Wii U. With Funky Kong mode added to make this game slightly easier than it is. Tropical Freeze is a top tier platformer that truly showcases the developmental skills of Retro Studios. What you learn quickly from DKC: Tropical Freeze is you need to be very quick and precise with your timing or you better be prepared to die often.

6. Mega Man 11

mega man 11

This was the shocker for 2018 for me. This was the one game I can honestly say I didn’t think I would see not only announced but releasing in 2018. I figured my days of playing new Mega Man games were long gone however this was announced by Capcom to coincide with their 30th anniversary of the blue bomber. Moving away from their previous pixel art styles this Mega Man game changed its art style to a hand drawn style instead and I honestly instantly fell in love with it. Everything popped for me. To my surprise it also played and felt very much what I remembered from previous Mega Man games. The pacing felt fast enough to keep my on my toes at all times throughout. Also with multiple levels of difficulty I never felt like I was getting overly frustrated by the game. My hopes are Capcom did well enough with this entry that they continue to create games for this franchise!

5. The Messenger

You don’t think a game that looks like a classic game that just so happens to be one of my favorites on the NES will get released and I won’t scoop it up. The Messenger was just that for me. The second I saw this game get announced I instantly thought to myself “That’s Ninja Gaiden! I need it.” This game takes the great aesthetics of Ninja Gaiden and then spins it around and creates something fresh. The story is a wonderful tale that makes you keep pushing further to figure it all out.

4. Star Link


When I first saw this game a couple E3s ago my initial reactions was lukewarm. However this year’s E3; my interest was elevated a bit more with the announcement that the Nintendo Switch version would feature Fox McCloud. I still wasn’t 100% sold on the game but I took the leap and man I am so happy I did. After the last iteration of Star Fox from Nintendo I was not looking forward to another Star Fox game for a long time. I had no idea that Ubisoft would put together a better version of the space shooter than Nintendo had done previously. I bought the Arwing because, well, it’s the Arwing and what Nintendo fan wouldn’t want that? I didn’t think for a moment that, that would make the game so much fun to play. Changing out cannons and other weapons on the fly is just a cool concept and makes the game feel so good.

3. Fortnite

What else can be said about this game that millions of people haven’t already said? When Fortnite originally launched I gave it a go on the Xbox One. I don’t know what it was; it just didn’t click with me. I thought it was a cool concept but deep down it just wasn’t for me. Fast forward to this summer when the game launched on the Nintendo Switch and suddenly everyone I knew was playing. I had to try it again and thank God I did. I realized right away it’s the social aspect that drives this game. I am horrible at the game in my own eyes however the fun that I have with my friends cannot be matched in most other games I have played. This is the game that is so hard to just stop playing no matter how frustrated I get I find myself constantly repeating, “One more match.

2. Dead Cells


The controversy that swirled around this game aside this game delivered on everything it promised. A fast paced action, adventure, rogue-like, with metroidvania tendencies. On paper you read that and think, how can that even be possible? I know I did the first time I read it and then I played it and man this game is everything you want a great game to be. It will lift you up to make you feel God-like in one instance and then slap you down to your knees a second later. I couldn’t wrap my head around how good the fighting felt in this game and just so natural like everything that came before it was just wrong and this was just so right.

1. Octopath Traveler

octopath traveler

When I first saw this game I instantly fell in love with it. The exceptional art style of this game and where the development team was about to go with it. Octopath is a truly breathtaking video game in every single sense of the word. My favorite Final Fantasy has to be number 6 (3 in the U.S.) on the Super Nintendo. I felt like they took the special pixel art from RPGs of days old and just turned the volume all the way up on them. The music is just therapeutic and soothing to the soul. I have always been a believer that a nice soothing soundtrack makes you want to be in a world all the time which makes for an easier time for long grinding sessions. I know we are in the world of massive JRPGS and that’s the hotness but I truly believe there is and always be a place in the gaming space for instant classics such as Octopath. Games like Octopath Traveler remind us we don’t need huge budgets with insane tech being flashed all about. Just stick to the basics, improve upon them a little bit, and the rest will just fall into place.

In closing I would like to thank OKBeast for allowing me to be a part of this. I am the furthest thing from a writer but I have a true passion for gaming and Nintendo. Thank you for allowing me a brief moment to show that here.


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