Metro Exodus Preview Impressions & EA Cancelled Another Star Wars Game – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 127


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, Blessing, Brandon, Moises, and Alex share early impressions of the time they’ve spent hands on with upcoming survival shooter, Metro Exodus, and the crew discusses the details behind Mortal Kombat 11’s reveal. Also, in our news segment, the guys dive deep into an absolutely wild lawsuit surrounding Gearbox Software and mourn yet another Star Wars game that has joined the ranks of EA’s cancelled games. Also, we answer a ton of your questions!

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News Links:

Former Gearbox Lawyer Accuses CEO Randy Pitchford Of Taking Secret $12 Million Bonus In Lawsuit Gearbox Calls ‘Absurd’

Rocket League Opens up Cross Play Across All Platforms

EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game

EA’s Troubled Decade Of Star Wars Games

What’s Up:

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Metro Exodus, Moonlighter, Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Monti asks: “Any cool studios you’d like to see make a star wars game? If given a chance?”

Ryan Othman asks: “Choose One Game in Favor of the EA canceled Star Wars game in favor of…

1) Star Wars Gungan: Jar Jar Binks story where you play as the characters around Jar Jar mitigating the damage he does to himself and everything around him and simultaneously complete a task. Think Octodad.

2) Star Wars Qui-Gone: You play as force ghost of Qui-Gon Jin as he tries to learn how to communicate with the living world through the force. Gameplay is learning about characters as a fly on the wall while you can’t be seen. Think Gone Home.”

Jason Hales asks: “Who is your top 3 video game characters and top 3 comic characters and who would win in a fight between them?”

Ed Santana asks: “How many systems are too many systems and in a game? Think multi-million budget games that just jam pack their games like crafting.”

Jordan Town asks: “Any predictions for dumb features, like the light bar or touch pad on the DS4, for the next console cycle?”

Chris Nunes asks: “What’s the one game that you’ve seen as a demo (or concept) that was scrapped, and wished had come out?”

Ian Preschel asks: “If each of you guys was a character on iCarly who would you be?”

Eduardo Santana asks: “How do you feel about Smash now that it has been out for a bit over a month? And Bless, could you tell Moises to ‘get outta heeeaaaa’? Gracias”

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