Travis Strikes Again Impressions and The Legacy of the Wii – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 128


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, Blessing shares his Travis Strikes Again review impressions and Brandon talks about the newly released vehicular combat game, Switchblade. After a recent Nintendo Indie Highlights video, the crew discusses some of the upcoming games they’re excited for; and after seeing a part of Dead Space remade inside of the engine, they also reassess their level of excitement for Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 game, Dreams. Lastly, in light of the Wii Shop closing down this week, Alex, Brandon, Blessing, and Moises discuss the legacy of the Wii, which includes some of our favorite games ever made.

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News Links:

Nintendo’s Indie Highlights Showcase gave us a few announcements

PT and Dead Space remade in Dreams proves it could be a secret horror hit

NPD: US video games sales reached $43.4 billion last year

What’s Up:

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Switchblade, Black Ops 4, Smash Bros Ultimate, Metro 2033, Final Fantasy 9

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Zeke Herman asksWill Days Gone be good?

Alex O’Neill asks: What is the last game (for now, excluding KH) that you went total media blackout for? I’m talking scorched earth, blocking people on Twitter, shut me out, don’t see a goddamn SCREENSHOT. Biggest thing: why? Big series? General excitement? End of a trilogy? #OKBP

Ryan Othman asksAnyone in the Anthem VIP demo that goes live tomorrow?

Paul Warren asks: If you could give the “best picture” nomination to either black panther or spiderverse, what would you do?

Brendan White asks: Does anyone even care anymore that there’s a new Shenmue game (maybe) coming out this year?

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