Our First Few Days with Apex Legends – Jump Master Episode 1


On this week’s episode of Jump Master, the crew details their first few days playing Apex Legends, Respawn’s development road map which currently details four seasons of events for their new battle royale game, and tips for playing the game.

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News Links:

Apex Legends roadmap shows four seasons of events

Tips For Playing Apex Legends

Listener Questions (Tweet Us @OKBeastNow):

Oli Schues asks: I started two games in Apex and I’m so confused about the weapons, skills and special moves, etc. Am I just stupid or will I get the hang of it? The only other Battle Royale I’ve ever played is Fortnite, and it’s definitely more intuitive. In Apex all guns look the same lol

Johnny Haze asks: Apex is full of amazing voice lines but which ones are the best? (There is a correct answer)

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