Apex Legends and Our Favorite Okay Games – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 130

On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, Blessing and Alex sit down to discuss the phenomenon that is Apex Legends, deliberate what the new Titanfall experience will be that’s coming later this year, and share some of their favorite games that the general public views as “just okay. ” Also, the two answer a ton of listener questions towards the latter side of the podcast and realize they never played a few of the PlayStation 2’s hidden gems.

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News Links:

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What’s Up:

Apex Legends, Wargroove, Smash Bros – Piranha Plant, Anthem Public Demo

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Cesar Pelafox: With the game streaming future being possible on the horizon, how much would you pay a month to get access to all games released each month?

Emmett Watkins Jr.: So as the biggest Titanfall 2 fan in the tri-state area, Apex Legends has me conflicted. I really dig the game, but the fact we won’t get a proper TF3 for longer now makes me sad. Have you all ever found yourself in a similar situation with a dev leaving a popular franchise?

Chase Williams: I often feel like I am “trapped” in my surroundings when online. As if I can’t break out of a specific cohort of people or interact with new faces, perspectives, and topics. How do you guys keep your social experience fresh online and expose yourself to new ideas and lifestyles?

Ed: How bad is Jump Force going to be?

Chris Nelson: On the subject of “okay“ games, have either of you guys played 25 To Life for Xbox and PS2? It was GTA five before its time.  Also, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up vs. 50 Cent: Bulletproof?

Barrett Courtney: 1. When we squading up?
2. What is your dream Star Wars game?
3. Out of the four big games coming out on Friday, what are you going to play first/most of?

Ryan Othman:  You both comprise two thirds of an Apex Legends squad as yourselves (not an Apex Legend) in that universe. Which legend fills out your squad and why?

Zachary Davis: Now that both Activision and EA have entered the battle royale space, how quickly do you think Ubisoft will also enter that market? What form might their battle royale game take? Will it be a completely new IP, or will it piggyback off one of their existing franchises?

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