Tips for Playing Apex Legends – Jump Master Episode 2


On this week’s episode of Jump Master, the crew shares helpful tips for playing Apex Legends, breaks down the abilities and backgrounds of several Champions, and discusses the game’s latest patch notes and news.

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News Links:

25 Million Players and 2 Million Concurrent

Apex Legends players have discovered a secret monster

Apex Legends 2.13.2019 Pre-Season Patch Notes 01

Listener Questions (Tweet Us @OKBeastNow):

Eldar Basic asks, “Do you guys like landing on the jumpship from the get go? It’s super risky, but guns are immediate, and can turn into a punchfest- what say you guys? #Jumpmaster

Mark Tucker asks, “I enjoyed the first #jumpmaster podcast, question… If you were playing with two randos, who are you hoping they pick to accompany your Legend of choice..”

Alex asks “Would you like to see the Titanfall 2 faction leaders introduced into Apex Legends as future characters to play?”

Eric Bartolotta‏ asks “Are there any abilities we haven’t seen yet that you’d like for Respawn to implement when new legends get released?”

Andrew Taylor asks “Do you think a support character focused on supplying your team with ammo would be overkill? Ammo drops would be randomized and limited. 20-40 rounds at a time.”

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