What I’ve Learned About Apex Legends After Two Weeks of Playing


Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s answer to the battle royale genre, released last week to mass praise, many citing its polish as being a refreshing change of pace compared to the game’s competitors. After hundreds of games played and opponents eliminated, and over a dozen wins on my Pathfinder’s banner card, it’s safe to say Apex Legends has become a detriment to my household and a menace to my day-to-day productivity.

With now more than 25 million players registered since its release last week, it’s safe to say there are plenty of skilled players inhabiting the environments of Kings Canyon; so I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and strategies from my first week of playing that are sure to help carry your skills and game sense to new levels.

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Use Redeploy Stations for a Quick Height Advantage


Redeploy stations are one of Apex Legends’ most useful tools and can be easily spotted thanks to the red balloon affixed to the top of the vertical contraption. These stations are great for traversing large distances in a relatively short amount of time thanks to the fact that they thrust players into the air from tall heights. For the unaware, players can prematurely jump off of these redeploy stations before they reach the top of the zip-line; and since the game lacks any sort of fall damage, the devices can be utilized in combat scenarios to gain a quick height advantage on unsuspecting enemy players. This tactic is great for getting on top of buildings in highly vertical and cramped map locations such as Bridges and many of the desert towns.

How to Super Glide

The meta of Apex Legends is developing quite rapidly thanks to its massive base of players and streamers, and this next tip comes straight from the latter. If you’ve watched any of the latest PC tournaments surrounding the game, you’ll likely have noticed the super glide glitch that players have discovered by using those aforementioned redeploy stations. Boy, those things are handy.

Anyways, if you’d like to learn the technique you can easily do so on both console and PC. Look straight up towards the sky once you’re riding upwards on the zip-line and hold down your free-look button (Left Trigger on console or Right Mouse Button on PC) while pressing forward just as your character is being thrust into the air. Next, while still holding down the previous buttons, steer your champion either left or right towards pieces of terrain. As you do this, your hero will receive an upwards boost to their glide as they get close to the landscape, which will vastly extend the distance of your redeploy gliding. Congrats! You can glide real good now.

Be Strategic with Your Loot

apex legends gold backpack

There’s a ton of loot to collect in Apex Legends, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re just getting started. Be aware that the weapons in the game, outside of the Mastiff shotgun and Kraber .50 caliber sniper, are all the same rarity. There aren’t necessarily any Gold SCARs to hunt down, even though the game will sometimes throw a fully kitted “gold” weapon your way. For the most part, you’ll be searching for weapon attachments, helmets, chest armor, and backpacks, all of which can be found in four varieties: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 (White, Blue, Purple, or Gold, respectively).

Regardless of the weapons and attachments you discover, it’s important to be strategic with the loot that you have. If your load-out consists of short-ranged weapons like shotguns or SMGs, plan your route accordingly and avoid wide-open map locations. Also, keep in mind that certain items may be best suited for certain champions. Lifeline is a great hero to feed Ultimate Accelerants, which help her to unlock her ultimate ability sooner in order to call down care packages more often. Decisions like this can directly help your team to be better equipped throughout the match and more likely to walk away with a victory.

Distinguish Lifeline’s Care Packages From Random Ones

While we’re on the subject of care packages, it’s important to know how to distinguish those that Lifeline calls down with her ultimate and the packages which drop randomly from the sky. Those that are called down by the battle medic’s ultimate are painted blue with a white medic logo on the front, while random care packages are painted orange. Lastly, Lifeline’s pods do not show up on the in-game map, which is a helpful piece of knowledge that can quickly help your team to know whether or not opponents are close by.

Use the Ping System to its Full Potential

If you’re reading this article, then you’re likely already familiar with Apex Legends’ innovative ping communication system, however you may not be aware of its full extent. For the unaware, you can ping important items or places of interest on the map by pressing R1, which will highlight them on your teammates’ HUD. It goes without saying that this feature is incredibly useful, especially during matches where group communication is scarce.

What many players don’t know, at least on the teams I’ve been a part of so far, is that there’s an entire communication menu that can be accessed by holding down the ping button. “Someone’s been here” and “I’m watching this area” are just two options in an incredibly useful list of call-outs which are included in the system. Also, after a teammate pings a weapon or armor piece that is of interest to you, tap the ping button to confirm. The champion you’re playing will yell out “Dibs!” and the item will be affixed to the in-game HUD so that you don’t lose track of it.

Make Do With What You’ve Got

Sometimes you’re dealt a crappy hand in Apex Legends. Whether you’re surrounded by awful teammates, are being pushed by an enemy team while you have no shields, or only have two Mozambiques to your name, it’s important to keep your wits about you, develop some game sense, and surmount the odds.

Apex Legends Tips: Lightning Round

  • Kick doors in with the melee button.
  • Down-but-not-out players can be teleported elsewhere via Wraith’s Dimensional Rift.
  • Hook shot enemies with Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook and finish the kill with a well timed shotgun blast or melee.
  • Weapons are color coordinated alongside the relevant ammo type. Hemlocks are green on the player’s HUD, the same color as the heavy ammo that it takes.
  • Hold down the weapon swap button or press 3 on PC to holster your weapon and run faster.
  • Utilize cracks, holes, or the air vents of buildings to gain a sneaky line of sight on your opponent.

Well, there they are – the most helpful Apex Legends tips I could curate from my two weeks of playing the game. I’m in love with Respawn’s battle royale game, and don’t see myself walking away from the game anytime soon, so if you discover any tips that no one else knows about, be sure to let me know.

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