Havoc Energy Rifle and Recent Apex Legends Rumors – Jump Master Episode 3


On this week’s episode of Jump Master, the crew shares their thoughts on recent Apex Legends rumors about new characters and modes, discusses the new Havoc Energy Rifle, shares some helpful Lifeline tips, and discusses the game’s latest patch notes and news.

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Listener Questions (Tweet Us @OKBeastNow):

Jerrad Wyche asks, “As the roster expands do you think Caustic and others like him may make up a new “trapper” class? I get why he’s “defensive” for now, but I do think a separate class once the roster expands may provide better clarity.”

Riana asks, “What quality of life features would you like to see added to the game?”

Also, listeners Brian DeWolf and Trevar Scott write in with some helpful tips.

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